Why You Should Get a Crossbite Corrected

A crossbite is a type of misalignment, or malocclusion, where some of the bottom teeth connect outside the top teeth when the jaws are closed.

Why You Should Seek Out a Braces Specialist

If you already have a relationship established with a dentist, you may be understandably hesitant to seek out a specialist. However, a braces specialist offers several benefits to patients who need braces that you may want to consider. What is […] Continue Reading

Options for Early Orthodontic Treatment

Options for Early Orthodontic Treatment | Kling Orthodontics | Early orthodontic treatment is traditionally accomplished with braces or retainers. For treating children, retainers are considered less efficient than braces.

Is it Necessary to Use a Dental Retainer for Life?

People often find themselves wondering how long they have to put up with a retainer after getting orthodontic treatments.

How Orthodontic Expanders Help Adult Teeth Grow in Normally

Orthodontic expanders are dental appliances capable of helping permanent teeth erupt the right way.

What You Should Ask a Pediatric Orthodontist

If your child has misalignments or crooked teeth, you may be wondering what the options are. A pediatric orthodontist can answer all your questions and recommend the right treatment plan. You may have a lot of questions before diving into […] Continue Reading

What Happens if My Child Doesn’t Go to the Orthodontist?

Many parents believe evaluation and treatment by an orthodontist should not be scheduled until after a child has lost all of their baby teeth, usually in the preteen or early teenage years. In addition, some view orthodontics as a purely […] Continue Reading

An Orthodontist Discusses How Jawbone Development Can Affect Your Smile

If you are seeing an orthodontist to improve your smile, there are many areas to look at and consider.

What Is Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Phase 1 orthodontics typically starts around the ages of six to nine. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends bringing children in for a bite evaluation no later than their seventh birthday. At this point, their bites should be developed enough […] Continue Reading

Corrective Braces For an Overjet

Many of us have likely had or know someone who has had corrective braces for crooked or misaligned teeth. However, there are many more types of teeth-related issues that braces may treat.   Let’s examine how braces can be used to […] Continue Reading