Benefits of Getting a Crossbite Corrected

Having a crossbite means that when you bite your teeth together, they are out of alignment. When this happens, you have bottom teeth on the outside of your top row of teeth. This condition can lead to an asymmetrical, uneven […] Continue Reading

Corrective Braces For a Misaligned Jaw

Living with a misaligned jaw can be an added daily stressor for anyone, and if it is also interfering with your sleep, it may be time to consider corrective braces before it leads to other problems. This concern is in addition […] Continue Reading

Adjusting to a Palatal Expander

Crowded teeth are no fun, and if you have a child who is likely to develop this problem, it can be avoided by a palatal expander. This method is proven to widen the roof of your child's mouth so that […] Continue Reading

Who is a Candidate For Surgical Orthodontics?

Are you a dental patient who is new to surgical orthodontics? You may be wondering if it's the right treatment for you. In this article, we'll talk about what surgical orthodontics are and how they work. We'll also discuss the […] Continue Reading

Reasons to Consider Clear Braces For Teens

We all want our children to have straight, healthy teeth; clear braces for teens (or invisible braces) for teens are an excellent solution compared to traditional braces. Thankfully, modern dentistry has made major improvements in braces technology that makes them […] Continue Reading

Palatal Expanders: What They Do

What are palatal expanders, and what do they do?  Expanders are a helpful tool that orthodontists use to help patients who may need to have their jaw structure changed. There are several benefits of palatal expanders, particularly for those who […] Continue Reading

Corrective Braces: Stages of Treatment

Receiving corrective braces is a step-by-step process, and while each case is a little different, the journey is quite similar for patients overall, with three general phases. From the planning stage to the active treatment stage to the retention stage, […] Continue Reading

Clear Braces for Adults Are Ideal for Anyone Getting Married

We provide clear braces for adults, something regularly used by patients of ours who are planning on getting married. Many people visit us when they are engaged to talk about their smile. Getting married is incredibly exciting, and there is […] Continue Reading

What to Expect When Having Your Braces Removed

There is nothing more exciting for a braces patient than hearing that the process is almost over and they are weeks away from having the braces removed. However, many patients feel anxious about the removal process and what comes after, […] Continue Reading

Cosmetic Orthodontics: Fixing Crowded Teeth

Most people, when they think of cosmetic orthodontics, only think about tooth implants for missing teeth. One of the most common reasons for a visit to an orthodontist is crowded teeth. The teeth can be crowded because they are too […] Continue Reading