Deciding on a Dental Retainer to Straighten Your Teeth? Good Idea

Choosing a dental retainer to straighten your teeth is a great idea. When your teeth only need minimal straightening, or you have a gap in between your teeth that you would like narrowed, sometimes all you need is a retainer! Find out more now.

5 Options to Straighten Teeth Other Than Traditional Braces

Traditional braces put low-level pressure on the teeth to move them into the right position. These braces are made with plastic, ceramic or metal brackets. Many people opt for traditional braces to straighten teeth, but they come with various issues. […] Continue Reading

Orthodontic Bands Aftercare

Looking for information on how to care for orthodontic bands because you recently got new braces? While not everyone has to wear bands when they get braces, some patients’ particular teeth straightening needs require this extra assistance. Ready to find out more about how to take care of orthodontic bands?

A Comparison of 4 Fast Teeth Straightening Options

Very few of us are born with flawlessly straight teeth. However, with incredible technological advancement in dentistry, you can fix your crooked teeth and get a beautiful, confident smile. All you need to do is consult your orthodontist or dentist […] Continue Reading

Use a Dental Aligner to Fix One or Two Crooked Teeth

A dental aligner is an incredible tool for anyone to use who has one or two crooked teeth and wants to straighten their smile quickly. It is not uncommon for people to have a few teeth that just do not […] Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Consider Invisible Braces

Now you are going to need to decide which type of braces you want to straighten your teeth. If you think that you do not want your new braces to be easily seen, then learning more about invisible braces is […] Continue Reading

Health Reasons to Consider Braces for Adults

Braces for adults can be used to improve both health and appearance. While it is more common for teens to get braces, adults can also benefit from them later in life. Braces do straighten teeth and provide patients with a […] Continue Reading

4 Options To Straighten Teeth Other Than Traditional Braces

Wondering if there are more options to straighten teeth than the traditional metal braces? Yes! There are a few different teeth straightening options available nowadays, which means that anyone who is interested in having straighter teeth is going to be […] Continue Reading

Teen Orthodontic Options

Want to find out what the most efficient orthodontic options are going to be for your teenager? As teens have a little bit of a different perspective than adults, it is not only necessary but essential that they are a […] Continue Reading

How to Make Sure Clear Braces Remain Clear

Clear braces are an excellent way to straighten teeth and as long as they remain clean, they should remain clear. Knowing that, patients often ask us how they can tell if something is going to stain their braces. One thing […] Continue Reading