Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces

Have you considered straightening your teeth with ceramic braces?  It is an excellent way to improve your smile and a solution that we use on a regular basis. We typically use ceramic braces for adults who wish to straighten their teeth […] Continue Reading

Get Your Clear Braces Before Leaving for College

Clear braces are becoming incredibly popular with college juniors and seniors.  We treat a lot of college-aged patients who are looking to improve their smile. As an orthodontist, we have multiple ways to do so but clear braces rise to the top. […] Continue Reading

Options for Adult Orthodontics

There are many options for adult orthodontics. More and more adults are deciding to take the important step of visiting an orthodontist to straighten their teeth. For years, there was a misconception that only children could straighten their teeth. While […] Continue Reading

What Pediatric Orthodontics Entails

There are several reasons that a child could need pediatric orthodontics – something we offer in our clinic. As an orthodontist, we treat patients of all ages and this includes children. Typically, a child will not begin to wear braces until […] Continue Reading

Signals That a Child Would Benefit from an Early Orthodontic Treatment

In our orthodontist office, we regularly suggest that children come in to discuss an early orthodontic treatment. While it is true that most children do not get braces until they are older, it is possible for us to take steps at […] Continue Reading

A Kids’ Orthodontist May Prescribe a Retainer

When patients visit our kids orthodontist office, we evaluate the condition and position of the teeth and jaw. By conducting a physical examination and taking X-rays we can determine where teeth placement and jaw alignment. We can also see if […] Continue Reading

Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy During Treatment, from an Orthodontist in St. Peters

As an orthodontist in St. Peters, we understand how important it is to keep teeth healthy while wearing braces. We view our role of an orthodontist as being incredibly important for the overall health and aesthetics of our patients’ smiles. We […] Continue Reading

Visit a Braces Specialist if You Have Suffered Tooth Loss and Want Straight Teeth

As a braces specialist, we treat patients who have lost one or two permanent teeth over the period of their lifetime but are still looking to wear braces. This is a complex situation that requires the assistance of an orthodontist […] Continue Reading

Find the Right Orthodontist Office for Your Needs

As a patient seeking an orthodontist office, people may find themselves confused as to which is the right choice for them. If you live or work in our area, call us. For anyone outside of the area, there are any number of […] Continue Reading

A Braces Specialist Can Offer Unique Treatment Options

While clear aligners are available in many locations, these "Crystal-clear" trays may not be the solution people are searching for. After all, the aligners are more expensive, can take longer and may not always be the best choice. Many people […] Continue Reading