3 Biggest Misconceptions of Braces

Posted on: October 11, 2016

Biggest Misconceptions of BracesBraces are a common part of childhood that most children dread in part, the misconceptions of braces build a bad impression. In reality, braces are an extremely useful method to straighten one’s teeth, ensuring a future with a brighter and healthier smile. However, upon hearing that a child has to get braces, a child may not be so happy or agreeable about the process. Here are three common misconceptions about braces that some people believe.

Braces are not necessary for a child

A dangerous misconception is that children and adults only need braces for cosmetic purposes. While having straighter teeth will look more appealing, braces have more benefits to one’s health that people may not be aware of. Dentists or orthodontists mainly recommend braces to deal with a bite that is out of alignment. Mouthhealthy.org lists the reasons an abnormal bite can lead to health problems to include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Affected speech and/or chewing
  • Abnormal wear to tooth enamel
  • Jaw problems

While not all children may need braces, it is important to visit the orthodontist and get a professional opinion. Braces will keep a child in strong oral health for years to come.

Braces have to be worn for a long time

This misconception is not true since the duration of a patient wearing braces depends entirely on the patient’s state of health. Mouthhealthy.org writes that “Treatment plans will vary based on your situation, but most people are in treatment from one to three years.” It almost all cases, the patient never has to wear braces for more than three years.

While a year can seem like a long time to a child, the child may not have to wear braces as long as he or she might fear with proper dental hygiene. An orthodontist will not only go over the duration of wearing the braces but will also go over how many visits the patient will make to the orthodontist for regular checkups.

Braces are constantly painful

It can be easy to associate pain with dentistry and orthodontics since pain may be the reason one visits. However, the treatment method is not what causes pain, but the infection or reason a patient is there. In regards to braces, mouthhelathy.org states “Today’s braces are more comfortable than ever before.” Instead of the misconception that braces are constantly painful and awkward, “Newer materials apply a constant, gentle force to move teeth and usually require fewer adjustments,” mouthhealthy.org adds.

With certain materials that are tooth-colored, many people will have trouble noticing the braces in the first place. Patients will only feel pain if the braces become damaged from an accident or eating something they were told not to. Do not let the fear of a painful experience get in the way of receiving the necessary treatment for a healthier and straighter smile today.

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