5 Options Can Be Explored During a Teeth Straightening Consultation

Posted on: October 11, 2021

Teeth Straightening Consultation Florissant, MO

Scheduling a teeth straightening consultation is the first step in improving a persons smile. There are many ways we can straighten teeth today, so instead of assuming that braces are the only option, it is best to speak with a professional. We recommend that people schedule a consultation if they are:

  • Worried about their appearance
  • Keep getting food stuck in between their teeth
  • Have teeth that are overlapping
  • Suffer from jaw pain
  • Have gaps in between teeth
  • Suffer from an overbite, underbite or cross bite

We can use orthodontics to correct all these issues.

What happens during a consultation

When patients get here, we will take x-rays, observe how their teeth come together when biting down or in a restful position and examine the position of each tooth. This will give us an idea of how far teeth need to move to get into the correct position and if there any issues with the jaw and alignment of the bite. The entire process should be over in an hour.

There are several ways to straighten teeth

During a teeth straightening consultation, we also ask patients questions about their goals and lifestyle. This is necessary because there are several ways to straighten teeth. Our recommendation is going to take into consideration how a patient lives their daily life, so we make it as easy as possible to use orthodontics to improve their smile. For example, we can use clear aligners to straighten teeth. As they are fully removable, they are ideal for anyone who needs to have control over the treatment process or who is worried about their appearance.

Treatment options

The most common ways to straighten teeth are:

1. Traditional metal braces

This is often recommended for children because they are durable and effective. Metal braces are an excellent way to straighten teeth and align the jaw.

2. Tooth-colored ceramic braces

This type of clear braces are fixed to the teeth, like metal braces are, but they are discreet and blend in. They are ideal for adults who brush their teeth throughout the day so the braces do not become stained.

3. Clear aligners

Anyone who wants to straighten teeth without it being obvious should consider clear aligners. They can move teeth into the correct position, but no one will notice that they are being worn during the process. Patient who are very busy often find this is an easier route, since it requires fewer appointments with an orthodontist.

4. Cosmetic dentistry

If a person visits us with a small gap in between their teeth or only one crooked tooth, it may be best for them to consider cosmetic dentistry instead. Solutions like dental veneers can be used to correct teeth without the use of orthodontics.

5. Oral surgery

In some cases, oral surgery may also be required to bring the jaw into the correct position. This is something we can discuss during a teeth straightening consultation.

Get the facts

The only way to know what solution works best foor improving your smile is to call our office and schedule a consultation. We encourage you to do so today.

Request an appointment in our Florissant dentist office here: http://www.klingorthodontics.com.

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