5 Problems Solved by Children’s Braces in St. Peters

Posted on: March 25, 2016

Childrens Braces in St. PetersAs a provider of childrens braces in St. Peters, we create beautiful and amazing smiles that our patients are proud to show off. Typically, when we examine a new patient (child or adult), they feel rather self-conscious about the position of their teeth. Many are so uncomfortable, they do not want to smile for their "before" picture. We understand the position of teeth and of the jaw make such a drastic impact on a person’s appearance. While this level of insecurity is often only associated with teens and adults, even young children can begin to feel insecure about their smile, and this is why we encourage you to bring them in at a young age. While their teeth are still coming in and their jaw has not yet hardened, we can begin orthodontic treatments to prepare their teeth and then place braces when the moment is right.

We Solve Five Major Problems With Childrens Braces in St. Peters:

#1 – Improving self-esteem

We want to help your child love what they see when they look in the mirror. By improving their smile, we can do exactly that.

#2 – Hyperdontia

This is the condition when someone is born with an extra tooth or several extra teeth. In any event, we can remove them.

#3 – Overcrowding

If your child has primary teeth that have shifted out of position or their palate was small from birth, they could be struggling with overcrowding. Before we can straighten teeth, we need to be sure there is room for them to move. We can address that here in our office.

#4 – Crooked teeth

No child wants to live with crooked teeth. They stand out and command attention, exactly what children do not want. While straightening teeth is not exactly flashy and exciting, the results are exactly that, because it will help your child love their smile again.

#5 – Issues with the jaw

Aligning the jaw is critical to the long-term health of the mouth. A jaw that is out of alignment due to an overbite, crossbite, or underbite is likely to cause jaw problems later on by way of soreness, pain, clicking, or general discomfort. Simultaneously, a misaligned jaw can add additional wear to certain teeth, leading to erosion. When you combine that with the negative impact jaw problems can have on the appearance, it makes correcting the issue of utmost importance.

Benefits of Visiting Our Office for Childrens Braces in St. Peters

When you bring your child to our office, you can be confident that they will receive superior care. Our entire staff is well-trained on how to work with children and on how to ensure that their experience is as positive as possible. We take both their health and mental state into consideration because we know that if a child is relaxed and comfortable, they will feel better and be more likely to actively participate in their treatment. This is what we want because your child can directly influence whether their treatment goes according to plan and on schedule or whether it takes far longer. We believe in the team approach, and with the three of us working together, we can easily give your child the smile they have always wanted.

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