7 Things Your Orthodontist Wants You to Know

Posted on: September 14, 2020

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Dental work can be a tricky topic to understand, especially when it comes to braces and the work an orthodontist performs. Chances are there is a lot of information a patient does not know or may misunderstand on a regular basis. Go over these facts to get a better grasp on dental procedures.

What does an orthodontist want to tell people?

People seeing an orthodontist should understand key details about the specialty and the procedures involved.

1. Braces may not be necessary

Alignment treatment is not always the answer. In fact, the trend these days is to reduce the need for this work by doing other procedures, such as removing baby teeth to help adult teeth have more room to grow in and not be crooked.

2. Braces are for adults, too

While the majority of people who have braces are children and teenagers, adults wear these appliances, too. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, over a million American adults have braces, proving this treatment does not have an age limit.

3. Care during treatment is important for success

An orthodontist does not give care instructions to make a patient's life more difficult. Guidelines should be followed so people can receive the most out of the treatment and end up with the desired results. For example, if a person is told to wear a retainer for a set amount of time, the follow-through is important to keep the teeth from shifting back to a pre-aligning position.

4. Early treatment is essential

Parents are advised to bring children in before all the baby teeth are gone. An orthodontic examination at an earlier age can help an orthodontist spot problems to potentially reduce the extent of treatment when the child is older.

5. Braces have changed over the years

These days, braces do not have to be bulky. In fact, they come in various forms that provide patients with more options for treatment. The science and methods behind braces have improved to increase the efficiency and different ways oral problems can be treated.

6. Missing appointments can extend treatment time

As the beginning stage for braces or other orthodontic work, a plan is created based on the type of work involved and the extent of changes that need to happen. Missing an appointment with the orthodontist can push back the schedule and delay the progress.

7. Braces are affordable

Many people have a misconception that braces cost a fortune. In the past that may have been so, but these days the treatment can be reasonably priced. In some cases there are financing options available through the orthodontic office, such as extended payment plans.


If you have any questions about orthodontic work, be sure to ask your orthodontist so any misunderstandings can be cleared up. There is no need to be confused by dental work when the professionals are informing people about the facts to promote more understanding.

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