A Brief Comparison of Popular Teeth Straightening Options

Posted on: October 13, 2020

Orthodontics St Peters, MO

Very few people are born with beautifully straight teeth, but there are many teeth straightening options available now. With today’s technological advancements in dentistry, it is easy to fix crooked teeth. That will give you a beautiful smile and a boost of self-esteem. All you have to do is visit your orthodontist to get advice. Read on to learn more about teeth straightening options.

The consultation

While there are many different methods of straightening the teeth, only a few will usually be right for a patient. The orthodontist can help the patient pick out the right one. There are options that will fit any budget and any mouth. It is important to remember that straightening teeth is not just about the looks.

If there is a gap between the teeth, it will not look good. But it can also trap food particles and lead to cavities. Plus, it can increase the risk of jaw pain and cause crowding in other places. With crowding, plaque can build up on the teeth.

Metal braces

This is still one of the most popular methods of straightening the teeth. The brackets will attach separately to each of the teeth. Children commonly have them. But many adults are also going for this easy method of straightening the teeth.

Not only do braces work well, but they are also relatively inexpensive. The design has been improved in recent years. Now, braces are smaller and more comfortable than before. This makes the braces less conspicuous.


For very minor issues, the patient might want to consider veneers. These are thin porcelain shells and will go on the teeth’s surface. These do not change the shape or position of the teeth, making them a pain-free option. These can hide minor gaps or other flaws to improve the patient’s smile. These are not a good option for patients who have more severe issues. In some cases, orthodontic treatment might be recommended before the patient can get veneers.

Clear aligners

These are plastic and fitted to the patient’s teeth. The patient will visit the orthodontist every two or three weeks and get a new set of aligners. Each set will move the teeth just a bit closer to the final position. It helps the patient keep the teeth cleaner. Plus, the patient will not be limited in eating different kinds of foods during treatment.

Lingual braces

This is a type of metal braces, but the brackets will go on the back side of the teeth. This is a good option for patients who do not have a large overbite. That way, the brackets will stay on better. This is a more unnoticeable option for patients.

Visit an orthodontist for teeth straightening today

Knowing more information about your teeth straightening options will help you make the right decision. Talk about each one of the options with your orthodontist and listen to suggestions. An orthodontist will look at your teeth and help you decide which option is right for you. Before you know it, you will have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

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