Aesthetic Braces: The Attractive Way to Improve Your Smile

Posted on: December 16, 2016

Aesthetic BracesThanks to aesthetic braces, no one has to live with crooked teeth or gaps in between them. Many adults feel like they are stuck in between a rock and a hard place because they don’t want to have crooked teeth but also do not want to wear a set of metal braces. As an orthodontist, we understand and have several solutions that can solve this problem. You don’t have to choose between two realities that you don’t particularly enjoy. You can discreetly wear braces and eliminate your crooked teeth once and for all, without feeling uncomfortable about your appearance in the process.

Types of Aesthetic Braces

Aesthetic braces are essentially a way to straighten your teeth that are both discreet and attractive. There are three main types to choose from, including:

Clear Aligners

One of the most popular options, clear aligners are virtually invisible and place you in control of the treatment process. This is because the aligners are made of clear yet durable plastic and surround your teeth like a clear retainer would. They are difficult to notice, even up close. In addition to being nearly invisible, they are removable. This means you can take them out to eat your favorite foods, to smile in a family photo, go on a date, make a presentation at work, etc.

Ceramic Braces

With ceramic braces, brackets are secured to your teeth and wires run between them, just like with traditional metal braces. The process is the same, but the brackets are ceramic and will blend in with your natural teeth. The wires threaded between them are also tooth colored. This makes ceramic braces incredibly discreet. They are difficult to notice unless someone is up close to you. To keep them clear, you need to remember to brush your teeth after each meal or drinking anything that could stain your teeth, like coffee.

Lingual Braces

For the most discreet option, consider lingual braces. These are incredibly unique because they are secured to the back of your teeth, making them impossible to see when you smile. Lingual braces are effective, but they are more expensive because they take far longer to place and to adjust when you come in for appointments. Still, if you want an orthodontic solution that no one will see, lingual braces are an excellent choice.

Visit Our Office

To learn more about aesthetic braces and how they can improve your smile, call our office and schedule a consultation. We can examine you, take X-rays, and let you know which type of orthodontics will be best suited to your needs. Typically, you will have more than one option to choose from and can select what will work best for your lifestyle and image goals. We can go over your budget if you have any time constraints or concerns. We take a consultative approach and work with our patients to find the best short and long-term solution, so feel free to ask any questions you have so we can provide you with the most comprehensive information possible.


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