Am I Too Old for Braces to Straighten My Teeth?

Posted on: January 7, 2021

Orthodontics for Adults St Peters, MO

Braces are not just for children and teenagers anymore. Millions of American adults are choosing orthodontic therapy to correct problems with their teeth. Even high-profile celebrities like Tom Cruise, Faith Hill, Gwen Stefani and Nicolas Cage have opted to get braces for themselves.

Reasons to get braces as an adult

There are a number of reasons to choose braces as an adult. They range from dental necessity to fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Correcting bite

Dentists and orthodontists often work with patients to correct a problem with an underbite (when the lower jaw protrudes significantly farther than the upper jaw) or an overbite (which occurs when the upper jaw protrudes much farther than the lower jaw).

Repositioning shifting teeth

Keeping teeth clean is often difficult when they are crowded or have shifted too close to one another. One dental reason for getting braces as an adult is to reposition teeth that have shifted. Bringing teeth back into proper position makes brushing and flossing easier, which in turn, leads to improved oral health.

Getting a smile that makes you happy

It is safe to say that most adults have, at one time or another, wished they had nicer-looking teeth. What if one could get the smile they have always wanted? It is possible. Adults are great candidates for braces because they tend to be more consistent in following the orthodontist’s instructions.

Braces options for adults

Braces are not all just metal brackets, wires and rubber bands anymore. Twenty-first-century orthodontia incorporates a variety of materials and therapies to help adults embrace their braces.

Traditional braces

Metal braces are still available, although most of the styles now use brackets attached to the front of each tooth. A thin wire passes through the brackets. The orthodontist will periodically tighten the wire to gently reposition the teeth.

Ceramic braces

This bracing option is similar to metal braces. The difference is that the brackets are made of a ceramic material colored to match the teeth, to make the braces less noticeable. These brackets can be placed on the backs of the teeth or even on the tongue side, to make them almost invisible.

Clear aligners

Another attractive option for adults is the use of a clear aligner device. The device is shaped specifically for the patient’s teeth, and multiple devices are made to incrementally shift the teeth to the desired position. The patient can remove the device to eat and clean their teeth, but orthodontists usually ask patients to wear the device for about 22 hours out of each day.


Tired of dealing with the discomfort and pain of a misaligned bite? Do you need to close gaps between your teeth or spread apart overcrowded teeth? Would you just like to have a smile that makes you feel good? What are you waiting for? Just go for it! Talk to one of our specially trained orthodontists about which braces are right for you.

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