An Orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics Can Fix Your Crowded Teeth

Posted on: February 1, 2016

Orthodontist at KlingWhen you visit an orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics, an examination will be conducted and x-rays taken to determine the exact position of your teeth, along with where they should actually be. Moving teeth is possible with both braces and aligners, but the process is not always so simple. Many people suffer from overcrowding. This is when there is not enough space for the teeth, so they have grown in sideways or on top of each other as a result. This is a scenario we can solve in our office.

How an Orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics Corrects Overcrowding Problems

We have several methods for tackling this problem, and which one is right for you will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and smile goals. Our three main solutions are:

  • Spacers. This is a thin metal band placed around one or several teeth in order to create room in between them. This is an incredibly easy treatment and should not interfere with your eating habits, etc. Some people wear spacers before getting braces as an easy way to begin the treatment process.
  • Expander. If the palate is not large enough, it will need to be enlarged. An expander is secured to the roof of the mouth, and by turning a key once or several times per day, the expander will open up and push the palate, forcing it to expand. This is a slow and steady process to ensure that the results are effective without causing you any significant discomfort.
  • Extractions. We have some patients who simply prefer to have teeth removed. This can be the fastest and most budget-friendly solution for solving overcrowding. Once the extra teeth have been removed, we can begin straightening the remaining ones with braces or aligners. It is important to note, however, that we prefer using non-invasive methods of addressing overcrowding since extracting teeth can have some unintended health consequences.

An Orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics Can Improve Your Appearance

Though braces do take time to work and these additional procedures could add to your treatment time, fixing your teeth is entirely worth it in the end. It will help you have more self-confidence as you approach the world with a straight and beautiful smile. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan that is comprehensive and efficient, so you can enjoy your new smile as quickly as possible.

An Orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics Can Improve Your Health

Most people do not associate straight teeth with oral health, but they are most certainly connected. When your teeth are straight, it is less likely that food will become trapped and that you will have plaque buildup. As a result, you have less risk of developing cavities, infections, and gum disease when your teeth are straight as compared to crooked.

Learn More by Speaking With an Orthodontist at Kling Orthodontics

We are ready to answer any questions you may have about overcrowding or orthodontics in general. Just call our office and schedule an appointment.

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