An Orthodontist for Adults Too!

Posted on: January 3, 2017

OrthodontistAs an orthodontist, we hear patients explain how they want straight teeth but do not think they qualify for braces since they are not in high school anymore. The reality is that adults can benefit from a variety of braces options that do not involve traditional metal braces. While parents will take care of their children, parents may not be as on top of taking their own health into account as they need to be. This includes the need to straighten their own teeth and improve their smile. We help adults just as we help children and we can make it easy for an adult to get his or her dream smile.

Options from an Orthodontist

If one’s children are currently wearing braces, they are probably wearing metal ones. It is understandable for an adult to believe that he or she will have to wear metal ones too. However, adults actually have more options when it comes to orthodontic treatment than children. Adults are more responsible and have the life experience necessary to know how to properly maintain clear braces without causing damage to them. An orthodontist can offer clear ceramic braces, clear aligners, or even lingual braces; all options we can discuss during a consultation.

The treatment solution we recommend is going to be based on the current position of the patient’s teeth and jaw, as well as how far the teeth need to move in order to reach their ideal position. To determine this, we will examine the patient’s teeth and take X-rays. Next, we will need to discuss the patient’s lifestyle and figure out the best form of treatment. In some cases, clear aligners are well-suited for a patient instead of ceramic braces or vice versa. We can help the patient make a decision that supports one’s life and the necessary orthodontic treatment.

A clear alternative solution to braces

Perhaps the most requested orthodontic solution (by adults) is clear aligners, which are removable and virtually invisible, making them incredibly popular. A patient only needs to wear clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, only needing to take them out to eat, drink and brush teeth. As an adult, this means that patients do not have to give up any of their favorite foods and can brush without any additional work.

You may need to limit your snacking, but that could be helpful to you as well. The ability to take out the aligners also means that they can come out for a special day, family photo or presentation at work; placing you in control. There are numerous options you can receive from our orthodontist office, so call today to discuss them in greater detail.

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