An Orthodontist Shares Some Benefits of a Healthy, Normal Bite

Posted on: October 4, 2021

Orthodontist St Peters, MO

A healthy bite is not just about a more appealing smile; an orthodontist can help patients improve their teeth and bite patterns for a better life. Many factors such as tooth loss, gum disease, injury, or genetics can cause bones or teeth to shift out of the optimum position. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can address a variety of alignment issues so patients can enjoy all the advantages of straighter, healthier teeth.

The benefits of a healthy bite

When a person's teeth are properly aligned and the bite pattern is normal, they are often able to experience improved oral and overall health. However, if these structures start to shift, adverse effects may soon follow.

Good digestion

The mouth is the first step in the digestive system, where teeth and saliva help break down food to be more easily processed. This helps ensure the body can effectively absorb the nutrients it needs to function and grow.  When a person has an abnormal bite, it can be difficult to chew food thoroughly, which can sometimes result in poor digestion. However, a proper bite pattern can aid in digestion, making a positive impact on numerous other systems and organs of the body.

Fewer speech issues

While there are numerous reasons a person may experience a speech impediment, crooked teeth and a misaligned bite may be to blame. These irregularities can make it difficult to form sounds properly. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can help remedy the situation. Some speech therapists may even refer a patient to an orthodontist to help restore a normal bite and improve certain speech issues.

Less pain and discomfort

If a person is experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or tension in the head and neck, a poor bite pattern could be the cause. Misalignment can place excess pressure on certain teeth, muscles, and joints, resulting in frequent and sometimes serious pain. Correcting the alignment can reduce discomfort for a better quality of life.

More confidence

Abnormal bite patterns and crooked teeth are often noticeable to others. Consequently, a person may suffer from low self-esteem when it comes to their smile or appearance. However, with proper care and a little patience, it is possible to enjoy straighter teeth and precise alignment for a more beautiful smile. Many patients who are treated by an orthodontist enjoy improved confidence once the treatment is complete.

The importance of bite correction

Like many other dental issues, misalignment can worsen over time if left untreated. This can lead to numerous problems, including:

  • Increased decay from difficulty with cleaning
  • More risks for periodontal issues
  • Higher chances of tooth fractures

It is important to talk with an orthodontist about the right time to start treatment and to follow the recommended timeline to avoid more complications.


A healthy, normal bite is important for complete oral health. There are many ways to treat alignment issues and alleviate abnormal bite patterns. Talk with an orthodontist today to enjoy the many perks of straighter, healthier teeth.

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