3 Biggest Misconceptions of Braces

Braces are a common part of childhood that most children dread in part, the misconceptions of braces build a bad impression. In reality, braces are an extremely useful method to straighten one’s teeth, ensuring a future with a brighter and […] Continue Reading

Steps to Take Prior to Getting Braces

Using braces to improve your smile is our specialty. As an orthodontist, we have the necessary skills and tools to give you an amazing smile. There are many ways to straighten teeth and to align the jaw, but braces continue to […] Continue Reading

Surprising Benefits of Clear Braces

At Kling Orthodontics, we provide clear braces as one of the many options to straighten teeth. If you are looking for orthodontic solutions, we encourage you to call us. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we tailor our approach to […] Continue Reading

Preparing to Visit a Kids Orthodontist

As a kids orthodontist, we are here to help improve the way your child’s teeth look and improve your child’s oral health. Orthodontic care is not just for appearance. While few people are aware of this, one is less likely […] Continue Reading

How Orthodontics is Different from Traditional Dental Care

style=”font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", "Bitstream Charter", Times, serif; font-size: 16px;”>We often get calls from patients wanting to know more about Orthodontics and what we do that is different from their dentist. A dentist and an orthodontist both work to […] Continue Reading

The Alternative to Flossing That Few People Talk About

It can be difficult enough as it is to get a child to practice proper dental hygiene each night before bed. Once a child has braces, though, dental hygiene becomes even more crucial. If a child is not careful to […] Continue Reading

Adult Braces Are Not What they Used to Be

Adult braces, which were once considered a novelty by many, have now become a growing trend. This is because the vast majority of people seeking to have their teeth straightened are now adults. There was a time when people who had […] Continue Reading

Your Teeth Can Remain Healthy with the Help of a Braces Specialist

Being a braces specialist, we know that among the most difficult things a person has to deal with when getting braces is the cleaning regiment. It is critically important that you maintain a high standard of oral health and hygiene […] Continue Reading

Creating a Step-by-Step Treatment Plan with an Orthodontist

As an orthodontist, we have a primary goal when you come in to see us: to help you improve your smile by moving your teeth into a better-aligned position. Only orthodontic treatment can move teeth into the correct position and help […] Continue Reading

Teeth Straightening Solutions for an Improved Smile

If you are seriously considering a teeth straightening procedure, then you need to know all of the different options that are available for you to achieve this process. When you visit our orthodontist office, you are taking the first step towards a […] Continue Reading