We Have the Best Options for Adult Braces at Kling Orthodontics

Posted on: October 28, 2015

Adult Braces at Kling OrthodonticsIf you are an adult who needs to have their teeth straightened, but you want to maintain a professional appearance, we can offer you the best options for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics. Regardless of your specific wants and needs, we have the right choice for you at our office.

There are three common types of braces that you are probably familiar with, but you may not realize that each of these options have aspects that make them great for adults to consider. The basic types of braces are as follows.

Traditional Metal Braces: Traditional braces are typically the most affordable option for teeth straightening. The traditional metal adult braces at Kling Orthodontics are still created from stainless steel, but they are made with smaller components and a thin wire that look less obtrusive than the braces you may be accustomed to seeing. The thinner wire works with the metal brackets and your preferred color of rubber bands to gently pressure teeth into a better alignment.
Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces in that they use the same type of components to straighten teeth, but they are often preferred for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics because they are placed on the inside of teeth. This placement allows for the braces to be invisible to others when you smile while also providing great straightening power. Lingual braces cost a little more than traditional metal braces, but they are still affordable and give you a more natural and professional appearance.
Ceramic Braces: Another great option for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics are our ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are sometimes called clear braces, but they are actually tooth-colored rather than clear. The white color allows them to blend in perfectly with your teeth, so the fact that you are wearing braces is much less noticeable. Ceramic braces can be stained, but we will discuss ways to avoid discoloration with proper care when you visit for your new adult braces.
In addition to these common types of adult braces, we also offer clear aligner straightening plans that allow you to remove your aligner for meals and special occasions. Many adults visit our office specifically for this option due to its convenience, comfort level, and attractive appearance. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of clear aligners and the process of receiving new aligners every few weeks to progress your straightening plan, we are happy to answer your questions when you visit.

As you can see, all of the options we provide for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics are viable choices to consider. We develop the structure of all of our braces options to fit your adult teeth perfectly and to provide minimal distraction from your beautiful smile. We know how important it is for adults to maintain a professional appearance for work and to feel comfortable and confident throughout each day. To learn more about receiving adult braces, visit our office. It is never too late to achieve the perfectly straightened teeth you have always wanted, and as a working adult, you are in a great financial position to make it happen.

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