Adult Braces are More Popular than Ever: Discover Why

Posted on: May 1, 2017

BracesWe help patients to improve their smiles in multiple ways, including offering adult braces to our older patients. This treatment option is gaining in popularity and we encourage you to learn more about it.

Why are so many people getting adult braces?

We live in a world where the personal image is critically important, both to external success and to a person’s impression of themselves. A powerful self-image works to help improve somebody’s self-confidence. Improving self-confidence can lead to greater opportunity for an individual. Many people are finding that crooked teeth, or malocclusion, can be a hindrance to confidence and can negatively impact potential success. In the past, getting teeth straightened was extremely complicated, as well as a long drawn-out process, so most adults would simply live with their crooked teeth.

people may believe the myth that only teens or young adults can straighten their teeth. In reality, adults can straighten their teeth with several treatment options. In a very real sense, there was a stigma associated with braces, mostly because they were so obvious. All of that changes with adult braces and modern science.

Are adult braces really effective?

Braces are extremely effective in straightening teeth in people of all ages. Technology allows for braces to be smaller, more effective and to take less time than before. Thus, adults do not need to wear braces for nearly as long as they may have in the past.

We can gradually move teeth that are out of alignment using braces into the correct alignment regardless of whether the patient is a younger person or an adult. Now it is important to note that if there is an opportunity to straighten a teenager’s teeth using braces, this is a better time to do it. However, for people who did not straighten their teeth as a child or teen, the increasing use adult braces provide a distinct second opportunity for adults to get beautifully straight teeth.

What about "metal mouth?"

Many adults claim that one of the reasons why they chose not to get their teeth straightened was because they did not want to have the stigma of having a mouth full of metal. The good news is that with the improvements in technology appearance does not need to be a concern.

Due to the technological improvements of adult braces, adults can select an option that is nearly invisible to others. The brackets themselves are much smaller than in the past and can be tooth-colored. Patients can get the straight smile they seek without having to wear large and cumbersome braces.

Essentially, today’s braces are not nearly as embarrassing and take less time than before. This is another reason why many adults are choosing to get their teeth straightened, and get the glorious smile they have always wanted.

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