How a Braces Specialist Addresses Complex Issues

Posted on: February 1, 2017

Braces SpecialistThe benefit of visiting a braces specialist is seeing a professional who has in-depth training and clinical experience in issues pertaining specifically to orthodontics and the position of the teeth and gums.  A general dentist does not have the same level of training since orthodontics is a specialty that a dentist goes to school for after completing general dentistry education.

A braces specialist is better equipped to deal with complex issues.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are a common challenge that people with a small palate face each day. If there is insufficient space for permanent teeth, they will not grow in properly. Some teeth may come in sideways where others will be impacted and fail to descend. In this case, the impacted tooth will remain pressed against another tooth or bone, failing to erupt. Negative health consequences such as jaw pain and gum disease may follow, making it important to remove the impacted tooth prior to having braces placed on the teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the most common type of tooth impaction. Many patients visit our orthodontist office looking to place braces on their teeth but are unaware that we need to remove their wisdom teeth first. While there is not always a need to take this step, we often recommended it to prevent potential complications, such as wisdom teeth pushing on newly straightened ones.

In this scenario, future complications can waste the time and effort put into straightening teeth. If this is a likely possibility, we will provide a clear warning and discuss treatment options during the initial consultation.

Jaw problems and bite abnormalities

The process of creating a beautiful smile involves more than straightening teeth. It also requires evaluating how the bite comes together to determine if any adjustments to the position of the jaw are necessary. These issues are common when a patient has an overbite, underbite or crossbite. The position of the teeth can be one cause to bite problems. Fortunately, straightening the teeth will correct any issues. However, if the jaw itself is positioned incorrectly, then addressing it will require further orthodontic intervention or oral surgery – two things performed by an orthodontist and braces specialist.

We can discuss both options during a consultation. Some patients prefer surgery due to wanting a beautiful smile as soon as possible. The results from surgery are quick while using non-invasive orthodontic methods take far longer. Since both methods are effective, patients need to make treatment decisions based on personal preference.

Oral surgery

For those requiring oral surgery prior to getting braces or afterward, a braces specialist can assist with that as well. Orthodontics is the complete treatment of the position of teeth and the jaw. Straightening teeth is far more complex than most people realize, sometimes making it necessary to provide treatment options in addition to simply wearing braces or clear aligners.

Speak with an orthodontist

To find out what your options are and the best way to straighten your teeth, call and schedule an appointment with a braces specialist in our office.

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