A Braces Specialist Can Help to Reduce Your Jaw Pain

Posted on: April 3, 2017

BracesVisiting a braces specialist is wise if you are suffering from jaw pain. Sever jaw pain can cause terrible discomfort when you eat or speak. While some people suffer from jaw pain that is only challenging when they chew something hard, others wake up with a sore jaw that can become more intense throughout the day. If this sounds like something you are experiencing or you are simultaneously experiencing headaches, it is wise to visit our office for an examination. The cause of the jaw pain may be due to jaw misalignment or malocclusion.

During the appointment, we will take X-rays and conduct a physical examination. We will identify the position of the jaw and how the bite comes together when closing the mouth. We will also identify the position when resting it and chewing. This allows us to determine the exact nature of the problem and the best treatment.

How a braces specialist can fix the jaw

There are three main reasons why jaw pain can occur. One is due to the position of the teeth, making it difficult for the jaw to come together properly. The other is a misalignment of the jaw. This is where the actual bones of the jaw are causing the problem. Third, there is a chance that nighttime grinding or clenching is causing the discomfort due to stress or habit.


If the teeth are not in the proper position due to misalignment, correcting the jaw begins with straightening the teeth. This is what we can use adult braces for. As a braces specialist, we can apply metal or ceramic braces to move the teeth into the correct position. As the teeth move, the jaw will begin to come together properly and make it easier to chew and speak without discomfort. Even in a resting position, the teeth will place less strain on the jaw itself. As an added benefit, straight teeth will look more stunning than crooked teeth.


If the jaw bone is out of alignment, a patient will typically suffer from an overbite, underbite or crossbite. In all three scenarios, the jawbones cannot come together, placing a strain on the jaw and face. Often, a large space will form between the upper and lower teeth, behind or in front of it. When braces are not enough to correct the problem, oral surgery may be necessary.


Many people grind and clench their teeth at night. There is no certain or set reason for this but it can cause serious jaw pain. Sometimes this is related to high-stress. While in some cases, nighttime grinding is the result of the teeth or jaw being out of alignment and goes away after an orthodontic treatment. If the teeth grinding continues, the patient can wear a night guard to protect the teeth from grinding against each other.

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