A Braces Specialist Can Offer Unique Treatment Options

Posted on: May 15, 2017

BracesWhile clear aligners are available in many locations, these "Crystal-clear" trays may not be the solution people are searching for. After all, the aligners are more expensive, can take longer and may not always be the best choice. Many people are unaware of the value of visiting a braces specialist. Visiting an orthodontist and braces specialist can greatly increase the chance of an effective and efficient teeth-straightening treatment.

The key differences

An orthodontist goes to school for a longer period of time to become a specialist who can focus on the movement of the teeth and jaw. This additional training is akin to a physician specializing in something like cardiovascular health. It requires a focus and effort toward mastering a specific skill set and understanding a certain area of the body, beyond general medical studies.

Once the formal portion of an orthodontist’s education is complete, they spend additional time receiving clinical training and experience treating patients. As a result, a braces specialist is not the same as a general dentist but someone who has dedicated much more time and energy to orthodontic care.

What does this mean for patients?

Visiting a specialist allows patients to see someone who has greater knowledge and experience. This knowledge can apply when making a diagnosis and making treatment recommendations. It also means that more treatment solutions will be available. A dentist can only use clear aligners to straighten teeth, while an orthodontist has a long list of available solutions for treatment.


Braces are incredibly effective for straightening the teeth. In fact, it is very common for both children and adults to benefit from wearing braces. As braces technology continues to improve, so does the treatment process. The brackets and wires are smaller than they once were, making it more comfortable and convenient for patients to use this solution.

Where braces once took up the majority of a tooth, now they are far more discreet. Being discreet makes them a viable solution that is both durable and practical. However, braces are not always the right solution for everyone. Some adults may prefer other unique treatment solutions.

Unique treatment solutions offered by a braces specialist

One of the alternatives we offer to traditional metal braces is clear ceramic braces. The technology is very similar in that we apply a bracket to the front of the tooth and thread a wire between them, securing it in place with rubber bands. The difference is that the brackets consist of ceramic material that blends in with the tooth structure. The wires are also tooth-colored and the rubber bands are clear. The appearance creates a discreet orthodontic treatment that can be difficult for other people to notice.

Another alternative is lingual braces. Lingual braces require a braces specialist to place since we place them on the back of the teeth. Lingual braces are mainly an option that we offer adults. This makes them nearly impossible to detect when worn.

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