Adult Braces Are Not What they Used to Be

Adult braces, which were once considered a novelty by many, have now become a growing trend. This is because the vast majority of people seeking to have their teeth straightened are now adults. There was a time when people who had […] Continue Reading

Seniors Can Benefit from Adult Braces

If you have finally retired and are considering adult braces we encourage you to visit our orthodontics office to learn more about your options. Retirement age is actually a perfect time of life to do the things that you’ve always […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Visit Us for Adult Orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics

We provide adult orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics so our patients can receive the highest possible quality of care. We understand the value of straightening teeth and aligning the jaw, and how doing so can benefit our patients both physically and […] Continue Reading

We Have the Best Options for Adult Braces at Kling Orthodontics

If you are an adult who needs to have their teeth straightened, but you want to maintain a professional appearance, we can offer you the best options for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics. Regardless of your specific wants and needs, […] Continue Reading

Get Questions Answered About Adult Orthodontics St. Peters

As a provider of adult orthodontics in St. Peters, we are often visited by patients who are unsure of whether or not they qualify for a braces treatment. This is particularly common in adults who visited an orthodontist when they […] Continue Reading