Speak with Our Office About a TMJ Treatment

We provide a Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder, TMJ, treatment that can help alleviate any discomfort our patients are feeling. TMJ is a serious condition that will start out with minor discomfort and steadily worsen over time. Most people will […] Continue Reading

What Is a TMJ Treatment St. Peters, and Why Do I Need One?

We offer a TMJ treatment in St. Peters that can help eliminate or reduce your jaw pain. As a dentist, we are asked by patients what they should do when their jaw, face, or teeth are constantly hurting. This is […] Continue Reading

A TMJ Treatment St. Peters Helps If Your Spouse Grinds Teeth During Sleep

If you ever notice that your spouse grinds their teeth or sleeps restlessly at night, a TMJ treatment St. Peters may help. TMJ disorders can cause discomfort, anxiety, tension, and a lack of sleep. We can alleviate these symptoms and […] Continue Reading