Clear Braces at Kling Orthodontics as an Alternative to Traditional Metal Braces

Posted on: September 2, 2015

Clear Braces at Kling OrthodonticsHave you ever considered clear braces at Kling Orthodontics as an alternative to traditional braces? Traditional metal braces are a fine option for those who are not concerned about their appearance for the sake of a career or professional opportunity. Metal braces have worked for decades and continue to be a great option for many patients. Clear braces are sometimes a necessary alternative since many people cannot afford to look less professional. Even though traditional braces have taken many strides to appear more modern and less obtrusive, clear braces are a better choice for many of our patients.

Orthodontics treatment will help straighten your teeth no matter what option you choose. If you are primarily concerned with having straighter teeth and are indifferent to how you look during the process, we suggest considering all our treatment options. For those who have an interest in looking more attractive and professional while having their teeth straightened, we recommend continuing reading to learn more about our clear braces at Kling Orthodontics.

Clear dental braces are a desirable option for many patients due to the lack of unsightly metal they require. Many people see metal braces and automatically assume immaturity or younger age. With clear braces at Kling Orthodontics, many people may not even notice you are receiving a straightening treatment or may think you are just wearing a retainer. Our clear braces are made of ceramic materials that lend the appliance a translucent, incognito appearance. With traditional braces, you can get white ligatures that will make braces less obvious, but with clear braces, the majority of the appliance is actually the color of your teeth.

Ceramic or porcelain braces are designed to seamlessly fit into your professional adult lifestyle. The natural-looking components are glass-like and blend in with your teeth. The translucency actually allows for your natural tooth color to show through, so you won’t appear to have two different shades of white on your teeth.

Since they are created to be aesthetically pleasing, clear braces at Kling Orthodontics have smoother components and stain-resistant properties, so staining rarely occurs with proper care. The ligatures that surround the brackets are also a clear color, so they do not detract from the well-hidden clear braces structure. Many people enjoy the aesthetically pleasing components that are so well-thought-out for our clear braces wearers.

Clear braces at Kling Orthodontics are made with mature adults in mind. They are more attractive, but they come with the price of less durability than metal braces offer. When wearing your clear braces, it is important to avoid damaging foods and keep your braces clean of particles that could become lodged. If you are still involved in sports or contact activities, you should talk with us about having a mouthguard created to protect your braces and teeth.

In spite of these very minimal drawbacks to clear braces at Kling Orthodontics, most adults and mature teens prefer a less obvious straightening method like this one. If you would like to learn more about this straightening option, we can help.


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