Clear Braces Are Ideal for Brides

Posted on: April 17, 2017

BracesWe often recommend clear braces for brides-to-be. Weddings are incredibly special and so are the memories the wedding makes. For most brides, this is a day they have been waiting for a long time. Wedding days have a lot of emotion, pride and anticipation that goes into the planning. Everything needs to be as perfect as it can be, including appearance. This is where braces come in. When a bride’s smile is less than perfect, it can get in the way of creating such beautiful pictures and memories. We are here to prevent that from happening using our orthodontic solutions.

First, we conduct an examination

When a new patient comes in, it is necessary to complete a thorough examination. We observe the position of the teeth, how the bite comes together and also take X-rays. While many brides call on the phone to find out what their options are, we cannot give an exact answer over the phone.

Since each individual has a unique set of teeth, some patients may not qualify for each solution. Thus, we need to complete an examination of each patient. After the examination, we will have a better understanding of what is necessary for treatment and how long it might take.

Next, we make recommendations

We offer several forms of braces including traditional metal, clear and lingual. Which one we recommend will be situational based and dependent on the position of the teeth and jaw. However, for many brides, clear ceramic braces are an excellent option.  With this treatment, clear ceramic brackets are placed onto each tooth. A tooth colored wire is then threaded between them and held in place using rubber bands. They are very discreet and difficult to see unless up close.

This provides brides with the opportunity to straighten teeth while engaging in pre-wedding activities. As far as the treatment process goes, during regular orthodontic appointments, we will tighten the wires or replace them entirely. The process allows the teeth to continue moving towards their final destination. we will also replace the rubber bands as necessary. As long as a patient brushes his or her teeth after every meal or drinking anything that could stain, the braces will continue to remain clear throughout the treatment.

Clear braces are often a wise solution

For many brides, it comes down to appearance. Getting married involves far more than just the wedding day. There are engagement photos, parties to be had, showers to be thrown, and pre-wedding pictures leading up to the special day. This is in addition to doing a million activities to prepare for the wedding itself. Pictures will be taken left, right and center and most brides do not want their braces to stand out in them.

Clear braces prevent that from happening which is an incredible benefit. Additionally, if the braces treatment is not complete by the wedding day, if the photographer is standing at a mild distance, the braces will not show up in the pictures.

Visit our orthodontic offices for clear braces for brides

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