Clear Braces For Teens: Why Our Patients Love Them

Posted on: January 17, 2017

Clear Braces For TeensAs a provider of Clear Braces For Teens, we love what we do and one of the fun aspects of our job is seeing how happy our patients are. Not only do they love how amazing they look when the treatment is complete but they also enjoy the process of wearing clear braces over traditional metal ones. For teens, this is a huge improvement over older methods. If you are considering straightening your teeth as a teen or adult, we encourage you to read why our patients love clear braces and why they may be a good fit for you as well.

#1. Appearance, or the lack thereof

Whether wearing clear braces that are removable such as aligners or clear braces made of ceramic that are affixed to the teeth, both are discreet. With these options, it will be difficult for anyone to tell that a patient is wearing clear braces at all upon smiling. A win-win for anyone concerned with their appearance, we make it possible to look his or her best while using orthodontics. One’s natural smile will be on display, not the braces.

#2. Convenience

There are two main types of Clear Braces For Teens – fixed and removable. The removable option allows patients to remove them while taking a picture, for a job interview, for an important date or when eating a favorite meal. Even brushing one’s teeth is easier since one does not need to use any special tools or picks. Just brush and floss like normal. As long as one brushes and cleans the teeth after meals, then there will be no large issues.

#3. Staying active

Many of our teen patients are incredibly active, much more so than adults. By active, we mean involved in two or three sports, playing instruments, singing in the choir, volunteering, running or playing with friends. When we meet someone in their later teens, it typically becomes a question of "what aren’t they doing?" With that in mind, traditional braces can become a burden. When playing sports, for example, braces can irritate the gums and lips without a bulky guard. Playing a wind instrument or singing can be challenging, along with doing everyday activities. Clear aligners do not have any of the same restrictions or inconveniences of traditional braces because they are clear, discreet, smooth, and removable. Our teen patients never have to stop due to their orthodontics.

#4. Eating hamburgers and crunchy apples

Let’s face it – everyone has their favorites foods. For one person, it may be biting into a crunchy apple or eating a salad, while another person may love diving into a big juicy hamburger followed up by a bag of crunchy tortilla chips. Eating these foods with traditional braces can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Even if one gets through the meal, he or she has to brush immediately to remove the food in the brackets. With Clear Braces For Teens, the patient can eat what he or she likes and then easily clean the teeth before putting the aligners back up.

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We invite you to visit our orthodontist office to learn more about clear braces and if they are the right solution for you.

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