Correcting Teeth Positioning With Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on: August 15, 2020

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If you have misaligned teeth, you might be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. The medical term for a misaligned bite and teeth is malocclusion. If you do not treat it, then you might suffer from severe oral health issues. It can also lead to sleep disorders, speech issues, and even headaches. The good news is that orthodontic treatment can help you.

What causes poor teeth position?

In general, misaligned teeth are inherited. If a patient’s mother or father had to have braces, the patient is more likely to also need them. But some conditions can also make it more likely that the jaw’s structure will change. This can include:

  • Sucking the thumb
  • Using a pacifier after the age of three
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Tumors in the mouth impacted teeth
  • Bad oral care
  • Injuries

Kinds of misalignments

An orthodontist can diagnose misaligned teeth during a normal checkup. There are a few different kinds of misalignments. These include overcrowding. This is one of the more common orthodontic problems that happens when there is not enough space. That can cause the teeth to overlap or become crooked.

An open bite means that the front teeth do not go over the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. If it impacts the front teeth, it is known as an anterior open bite. This is often caused by a tongue thrust. When the patient swallows, the tongue can force the teeth apart there.

If the teeth do not properly develop, there might be missing teeth. Or there could be trauma to the permanent teeth. This condition is called hypodontia. Diastema happens where there is too much space between two nearby teeth.

Fixing the teeth

Many teens and children have poorly positioned teeth before orthodontic treatment. The first step might be to extract some baby teeth if there is crowding in the area. That will allow there to be enough room for the permanent teeth to come in. Children might also need early treatment to modify the jaw. This can involve wearing a device that will change the way the jaw develops.

After the initial treatment, the braces can be placed. These will apply gentle pressure to the teeth to correct the issues. With braces, the patient can easily have the jaw problems fixed and the teeth aligned again. But an adult who has misaligned teeth might need jaw surgery too. It becomes harder to fix the teeth once the jaw is done growing.

After wearing the braces, the teeth can still move out of place. The patient will need to wear a retainer after having the braces removed. That will keep the teeth from moving back to the original positions. It is important to wear this device for the recommended period of time.

Get orthodontic treatment today

Today, orthodontics has come a long way since the original ones. Many orthodontists have technology that will give patients the right results. There are discreet options like clear aligners available. The first step is to make an appointment today.

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