Cosmetic Orthodontics Should Be Part of Your Overall Transformation

Posted on: April 16, 2018

We provide cosmetic orthodontics for a lot of patients who are considering undergoing plastic surgery to improve their appearance. There are so many surgical options available nowadays that many people are choosing to do something about their crooked nose, faces lacking symmetry, sagging eyebrows, etc. Regardless of what is causing a person to not like the appearance of their face, there is usually a surgical option that can help.

However, addressing these issues without also addressing the appearance of a person smile's is incredibly shortsighted. Since the smile is one of the first things that someone will notice, it is critical to take steps to straighten teeth and align the jaw while also working to improve the appearance of the face. For this reason, many patients visit our office to receive orthodontics as part of a comprehensive and overall treatment plan.

Planning is important

It is critical to take steps to plan for how a procedure can fit within an orthodontic treatment. In some cases, we may need to coordinate treatments with a plastic surgeon. This could be necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that there are no complications with the patient's recovery. For example, it may be wise to complete the orthodontic treatment first or to delay specific surgical procedures.

These are all things that can be discussed once we have a better understanding of what procedures a patient is considering. Again, we are happy to coordinate with a plastic surgeon to ensure that our treatments and their procedures are going to seamlessly work together to help a patient achieve their goals.

Cosmetic orthodontics are discrete

Patients who are working to improve the appearance of their face are often concerned that orthodontics, though necessary, may negatively impact their appearance temporarily. While it is true that wearing traditional metal braces is going to make it obvious a person is straightening their teeth, there are more discrete solutions that we offer. Cosmetic orthodontics are ideal because of how discreet they are. Teeth can still be straightened and the jaw can be aligned, only without it being obvious.

One of the most common options is to wear clear aligners. They are made of durable plastic and surround the teeth completely. It is virtually impossible to tell that they are being worn, making it possible to straighten teeth without it being obvious. These aligners are also removable which adds a greater level of convenience for anyone who wants to use orthodontics but may be concerned about how they impact their social life or their job.

Another discrete option is to wear clear ceramic braces. With this solution, the brackets are tooth-colored so they blend in with the existing tooth structure. The wires that are threaded between them are also tooth-colored so from a distance, they are difficult or impossible to see. Simultaneously, they are incredibly effective for straightening teeth and aligning the bite.

When choosing either of these discrete options, a patient will begin to see improvements in their appearance without the downside of obvious orthodontics.


Orthodontics is incredibly affordable when compared to many surgical procedures. Those who are looking to make an investment in their appearance should always consider this as part of the process. In fact, some people feel that their appearance is improved enough by orthodontics alone and, therefore, they do not need surgery or only need a few procedures.

Learn more about this option

We encourage patients to call our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about how orthodontics can be used to improve their appearance and why so many patients are choosing to use cosmetic, discreet orthodontic solutions.

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