Deciding on a Dental Retainer to Straighten Your Teeth? Good Idea

Posted on: August 23, 2018


Are you deciding to use a dental retainer to straighten out your minimally crooked teeth? Good for you! Now that you have evaluated all of your teeth straightening choices and decided that a retainer is going to meet your particular straightening needs, then now is the time for you to take your next step. Your next step requires you to make a commitment to your decision, which means that now is the time for you to call an experienced dentist and make a consultation appointment. This initial consultation appointment is the time for you and the dentist to make a treatment plan, which will have you on your way to having straight teeth in no time at all.

Straight teeth

Straight teeth support a healthy mouth. When teeth are straight, it is simply easier to take care of them. When teeth are very crooked they will need braces to straighten them out. When teeth are only a little bit crooked, then there is often the option to choose between braces and a retainer.

Minimally crooked teeth

When teeth are only minimally crooked the patient will often get to make a choice between wearing braces and wearing a retainer. Since every patient is different, they will first need to make an appointment with an experienced dentist in order to understand whether or not they will be approved for getting a retainer vs. braces. Retainer only treatment is becoming more common nowadays.

Orthodontic retainers

When someone chooses a dental retainer to straighten their minimally crooked teeth, they will often need to wear the retainer somewhere between half a year to 18 months. A fixed retainer needs to be cemented into place, which means that it will stay firmly in place. A removable retainer can be removed for up to four hours a day, which is often done when eating, drinking, brushing teeth and flossing. Retainers can also be used for minor cases of misaligned teeth or bad bites.

Ready to commit?

Now that you have chosen a dental retainer to straighten your minimally crooked teeth, all you have to do is give us a call right now so we can make an appointment for you. You have done the necessary research and now it is time for you to take the next and final step by having the actual procedure performed. Our team of dental professionals is always available to make an appointment for you at a time that is convenient, so be sure to call us as soon as possible so you can have the straight teeth you have always wanted. Ready to get started? We hope to hear from you today!

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