Facts About Adult Orthodontics and Treatment Options

Posted on: February 1, 2017

Adult OrthodonticsOrthodontics, including adult orthodontics, is a specialty of dentistry that focuses specifically on the diagnosis and the treatment of dental irregularities and the associated facial irregularities. As a result of adult orthodontic treatment, an individual can experience a dramatic improvement in his or her smile, dental health, and even enhance the quality of life. There are a number of factors that cause irregularities in one’s dental structure, which lead to both facial anomalies and problems with oral health. We know that orthodontic problems can result from both genetic and environmental factors, requiring a proper diagnosis before an appropriate treatment regimen can begin.

Adult orthodontic diagnosis

We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to decide on the appropriate treatment only after we take all factors into account.Since there a variety of causes for oral health issues, we take genetic and environmental figures into account. We will base this diagnosis on a number of different elements that we examine during the patient’s visit to our orthodontic clinic.

In order to have an appropriate diagnosis, we use photographs, X-rays, dental impressions, a comprehensive examination, as well as a detailed look at the patient’s oral health history. With all of this information, we will create a treatment plan and then go over all necessary steps with the patient.

Treatment timelines 

As far as timelines go for orthodontics, including adult orthodontics, treatment typically lasts between six and 30 months; depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the problem. It is important for patients to understand that regular and adult orthodontics are not a quick fix but a study process that maximizes the coordination of care between the patient and us, as the orthodontist. This makes a good working relationship a critical component in ensuring that the patient leaves with a beautiful smile and an improved quality of dental health.

Age limits to adult orthodontic treatment

Thanks in large part to modern science, there is literally no age limit to get an orthodontic treatment in order to correct malocclusion or other irregularities with one’s teeth. In fact, a large number of patients that come in for orthodontic treatment today are adults, leading to an exponential growth in adult orthodontic treatment options. Since there are specific concerns when it comes to dealing with working professionals, and even social concerns with adaptations, adult orthodontics has gone above and beyond in order to create solutions that provide for nearly invisible treatment.

Solutions like clear braces and Invisalign® have become extremely popular because they allow the adult patient to straighten their teeth without ever having to have the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal braces.

Discomfort associated with adult orthodontics

A common concern we hear, especially when dealing with adult patients, is whether or not there will be discomfort associated with the orthodontic treatment. After getting braces, regardless of the type of braces, patients may experience a level of discomfort for one or two days due to the new and unusual force acting on moving the teeth. Today’s braces are smaller, they are more comfortable and they use a specific technology that reduces discomfort.

In other words, because of advancements in science, we are able to use state-of-the-art orthodontic materials that reduce both the level of discomfort and the amount of time it takes to treat common orthodontic problems.

Learn more about the options available to you by scheduling an appointment with our office today.

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