Find An Orthodontist Near Me To Create a Wedding Smile

Posted on: August 1, 2017

OrthodontistMany brides search for an “orthodontist near me” after the engagement and before the big day. After all, nothing is as prominent in wedding picture than a smile. It defines how one looks, appearing happy or stressed.  If you do not like your smile, you may be hesitant to smile during pictures and give the impression that you are unhappy. To avoid this, take the steps to eliminate the imperfections causing concern and give us a call.

Tips for improving your smile in time for your wedding day

#1. Wear clear aligners

Visit an “orthodontist near me” for clear aligners, which accomplish the same task as braces but in a more discreet manner. Clear aligners can close gaps, straighten crooked teeth and improve the bite. Straightening teeth like this can transform a person’s smile and make a significant difference in how they appear; just in time for the wedding.

#2. Start the process early

Clear aligners are removable if necessary. If the treatment process is not complete by the time the wedding rolls around, the bride can remove the aligners for the entire day and pictures ahead of time. However, it is still wise to visit an orthodontist as soon as possible to begin the process early on.

The longer one wears the aligners before the wedding, the straighter the teeth will be and the greater the impact. Do not delay in making that first appointment.

#3. Take the aligners out for engagement photos and parties

Remove the aligners during pictures and parties before the big event. Many couples schedule an engagement photo shoot and it is perfectly fine to take the aligners out for this. Just be careful to put them in the strong plastic case so that they do not become broken or lost in the process.

Remember that aligners people need to remove the aligners when eating or brushing teeth. Thus, it is perfectly normal as long as they put the aligners back in their mouth as soon as possible.

#4. Schedule a professional teeth cleaning appointment

It is extremely beneficial to receive a professional teeth cleaning prior to a wedding. This makes it possible for a dentist to remove plaque and tartar that can make teeth appear dirty or stained.

It is also important for oral health and allows the dentist to identify things like tooth decay or signs of gum disease. A professional teeth cleaning can treat any of these conditions before the wedding.

#5. Whiten teeth before the wedding

A professional teeth whitening can make teeth appear to be far younger and healthier. A person’s appearance can greatly be improved by simply removing years of staining. A bright white smile that is perfectly straight is something to behold and incredibly stunning.

#6. Address any health problems or dental damage

Be sure to visit the dentist to have any dental damage corrected. Something like a chipped or cracked tooth should be fixed prior to an orthodontic treatment and certainly prior to the wedding.

Schedule an appointment

Start the process of improving your smile by calling our office and meeting with an “orthodontist near me”.

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