Five Dental Problems an Orthodontist Can Help With

Posted on: March 19, 2020

Orthodontist St Peters, MO

An orthodontist is concerned with the alignment of a patient’s teeth and jaw, and they utilize treatments such as teeth straightening. There are certain dental problems that an orthodontist is more likely to treat, and it is important to understand exactly what issues can be improved through orthodontic treatment. 

When to consider an orthodontist

By gaining a better understanding of treatment options, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not visiting an orthodontist is right for you. The following are five of the more common dental problems orthodontists treat to help patients achieve a healthy, more attractive smile. 

Crooked teeth

One of the most common reasons people visit an orthodontist is to straighten teeth that appear crooked. There are many reasons why a person may struggle with crooked teeth, and it is a highly prevalent problem. Fortunately, there are many treatment options for patients to choose from in order to fix crooked teeth, including traditional braces and clear aligners. 

Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are another common issue treated by an orthodontist. Crowded teeth are often confused with crooked teeth, but it is a different problem. Teeth may be crooked but not overcrowded, although crowding often makes teeth appear crooked. The distinction between the two is important for orthodontists, and they tailor treatment specifically for the exact issue of the patient. 

Gaps in teeth

Many people are fine with gaps between their teeth, especially if the issue does not pose an oral health concern. However, all too many are insecure about the way gaps in their teeth appear to others, and they may visit an orthodontist to bring teeth closer together and fill in the gaps. Various teeth straightening procedures address this issue, and it is highly effective for most patients. 


A common misconception is that orthodontists only treat issues related to the alignment of teeth, but they also deal with jaw misalignments as well. In fact, many jaw misalignments may be the reason for crooked or overcrowded teeth and vice versa. One of the most commonly treated bite issues is an overbite, which occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the lower set of teeth. 


Crossbites are treated in a similar fashion as an overbite, and the issue is often addressed along with teeth alignment issues. Crossbites, which occur when a tooth or multiple teeth are too far towards the cheek or tongue, may cause oral health concerns as well as cosmetic. Fortunately, the issue is fairly easy for an orthodontist to treat. 

Talk to an orthodontist today

Everyone should be able to show off a smile they love, and no one should feel insecure about an alignment issue when they are at school, work or in a social situation. Here at our orthodontist office, we take great pride in helping each one of our patients gain a smile they are going to love for many decades to come. Feel free to reach out to us and find out how we can help you by scheduling an initial consultation and learning more about treatments available to you.

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