Fun Facts About Clear Braces

Posted on: February 15, 2017

Clear BracesClear braces are an excellent way to straighten teeth. As an orthodontist office, we offer clear braces to patients on a regular basis. The term itself can be rather confusing and does not sufficiently describe the process or options available to you as a patient. With that in mind, here are some fun facts that you need to know:

#1. Clear braces may not be braces at all

Patients who prefer to wear clear aligners can straighten their teeth without brackets and wires. One of the most popular brands of clear aligners on the market is Invisalign®. With the use of specialized technology, we can create clear aligners and map out the path the teeth will take from their current position.

Each aligner in the series moves teeth closer to their final position. An individual will typically wear one clear aligner in the series for two weeks at a time. Once the aligner feels loose, it is swapped for the next one and so on. As an orthodontist, we know that many of our patients prefer this option because the aligners come out during mealtime so there are no eating restrictions.

#2. We can place braces behind the teeth

With lingual braces, we can place the brackets and wires on the backside of the teeth. This way, it is nearly impossible to tell that someone is undergoing an orthodontics treatment. While not necessarily "clear," lingual braces achieve the same results are due to how discreet and effective they are.

#3. Clear ceramic braces are actually tooth-colored

When hearing the term "clear," it is likely that a piece of glass or cup of water comes to mind. However, we do not use completely clear and translucent materials on the teeth; unless in the form of aligners. Traditional clear braces are actually tooth-colored. We match clear braces as closely as possible to the shade of the natural teeth so that they blend in, rather than standing out. When smiling with clear braces, it is difficult to see the braces at all. However, they must be kept clean at all times to avoid potential stains.

#4. Treatment times are similar

Wearing traditional braces and clear ones produce similar or equal results. The process moves teeth from crooked to straight in a steady and methodical manner that achieves results without causing tooth or root damage. While some products claim to move teeth faster, treatment times are similar regardless of the type of orthodontic solution a patient uses.

#5. Adults can wear them

Contrary to popular belief, adults have more options with orthodontics. While children have a soft jaw that is easier to move, adults are more responsible and can use options like clear aligners without fear of losing them. Ceramic braces are also a better fit for adults than children because children are more likely to stain them due to irregular brushing habits.

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