Get Your Clear Braces Before Leaving for College

Posted on: July 15, 2017

BracesClear braces are becoming incredibly popular with college juniors and seniors.  We treat a lot of college-aged patients who are looking to improve their smile. As an orthodontist, we have multiple ways to do so but clear braces rise to the top. Clear braces are a convenient and discreet way to straighten the teeth. The best way to find out if clear braces are the solution for you is to is to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Why clear braces are a good idea while in college

One of the reasons that college students request clear braces is that they know how important it is to have a winning smile on job interviews. A beautiful smile can help people be more confident in themselves and help motivate them to provide a better interview. With a competitive job market, it is important to have the edge whenever possible. If that means improving the smile before going on job interviews, it is a wise decision to make.

How they work

There are two types of braces that are essentially clear. One is ceramic and looks like metal braces only they blend in with the natural teeth. This means that patients need to visit our office on a regular basis so that we can adjust and switch out wires to help move the teeth into the correct position. As long as they are kept clean, they will remain virtually clear and hard to detect.

However, anyone who wants truly invisible braces is best off wearing aligners. Aligners consist of clear and durable plastic that is nearly invisible to other people. People who do not want anyone to tell they are straightening their teeth tend to prefer this solution. Clear aligners place pressure on the teeth on a daily basis. The teeth will move steadily and the aligners will become loose.

As such, the patient will switch out the aligners on a regular basis, around every two weeks. The patient can do this at home, which means there are fewer orthodontic appointments to attend. For college students who are visiting the orthodontist at home but attending school out of the area, this is a convenient way to make scheduling less hectic.

What life is like with clear braces

Clear ceramic braces require patients to be fastidious about their oral health routine. It is important to brush them after every meal or snack that could stain the teeth to prevent them from becoming yellow. Otherwise, life proceeds like normal. With clear aligners, there are no food restrictions because the aligners come out when eating.

Additionally, there are no additional steps to take when brushing teeth since the patient removes the aligners for brushing and flossing. The biggest challenge people have with aligners is accidentally throwing them away, so it is important to keep them in a protective case when they are not in the mouth.

Find out if they are right for you

Learn more about this exciting solution by calling our office and scheduling an appointment today.

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