Getting a Smile Assessment From an Orthodontist

Posted on: June 18, 2021

Orthodontist St Peters, MO

Your very first orthodontist appointment for a smile assessment is an important one. The purpose of a smile assessment is to determine if treatment is necessary and decide on a plan of action. The orthodontist will take you through your orthodontics treatment plan step by step. The dental professional will make sure to answer all your questions. Keep reading to find out more.

What to know going into the smile assessment

The consultation will begin with a detailed tour of the office along with introductions to staff members. This way, the patient gets to know the people and the environment more. This can help them to feel more comfortable. After this, the orthodontist will sit down with the potential client and dive into the specifics.

Why choosing teeth straightening

Patients should be prepared to bring up any concerns about the arrangement of their teeth. Whether it is one tooth out of place or several, the orthodontist can go over options to remedy various smile issues. The most common complaints are problems with the bite, spacing issues, teeth crowding, and crooked teeth. It does not matter whether a patient’s needs are mild or severe. The orthodontist can recommend a treatment plan that will meet the patient’s needs.

Dental and orthodontic history

If the patient has had any orthodontic treatment in the past, the orthodontist will need to know. Discussing this history openly will help to give the patient the right care. It may also help to write down a list of questions patients have for the orthodontist. This will speed up the process and help patients to remember any concerns.

Examinations and procedures

To kick off the smile assessment, imaging will be taken of the teeth. First, X-rays and photographs will be taken to determine the condition and health of the teeth. After a thorough examination, the orthodontist will diagnose and offer teeth-straightening treatment. When the patient accepts the suggested treatment, the orthodontist will then take impressions of the teeth. These impressions help create an orthodontic experience that meets the patient’s needs.

Discussing cost with the orthodontist

One major concern at consultations is affordability. The orthodontist will discuss in detail what is included in the cost of the complete treatment, and even talk about payment plans. Investing in a beautiful, functional smile will be worth it. Patients should talk to the orthodontist about their budget.

A treatment plan that works for you

The length of treatment time will depend on the severity of misalignment and the overall health of the teeth and bones in the mouth. Your plan will vary from others. Every teeth-straightening case is different. A combination of different appliances may be utilized. This depends on the type of movement required for the teeth.

Some clients will only need clear aligners to correct minor smile issues. Others will need devices like upper jaw expanders to fix the bite and straighten the smile. Most plans will see the recommendation of a retainer for after treatment is completed. But, there are options in this category as well.

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