Health Reasons to Consider Braces for Adults

Posted on: July 2, 2018

Braces for adults can be used to improve both health and appearance. While it is more common for teens to get braces, adults can also benefit from them later in life. Braces do straighten teeth and provide patients with a more beautiful smile, but they can also help prevent dental disease, bite problems and misaligned jaw structures.

Reasons for corrective braces

While the cosmetic reasons for getting braces for adults are enough for most people to jump on board, things like bite problems and recurring cavities are the most important reasons to consider braces. Teeth that are too crooked or crowded often result in recurring dental caries (cavities), and they can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth loss. This happens to teeth because they are hard to clean, so plaque builds up, harboring bacteria and decay.

Bite problems are another common and substantial reason to get braces. Improper bites look unusual and often cause insecurity, but they can also result in worn enamel, dental caries, speech impediments and painful jaw use.

Teeth that have large spaces between them can also be corrected with braces. Braces bring teeth closer together, leading to a more attractive smile and confidence.

Corrective braces for bite problems

Like previous mentioned, bite problems are a common reason to get braces. There are several different bite problems and mouth habits that can cause these issues that braces can help to correct. A poor bite is called a malocclusion, and it may be caused by a small mouth, muscular deficiencies, tongue thrusting, too many teeth or bone structure issues.

A small mouth is often behind malocclusions. People with smaller mouths do not have the needed space for all their teeth, so the teeth grow into the mouth in an unusual manner that causes crowding and bite issues. They can also cause teeth to grow on top of one another or to get in the way of other permanent teeth erupting through the gums, causing an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth are painful and must be extracted.

Muscular deficiencies are often the result of long-term thumb-sucking or chewing on fingers or pens; these habits cause the muscles to become accustomed to functioning in this manner, resulting in protruding teeth similar to that produced by tongue thrusting, a pattern common among children. Finally, a misshapen or unhealthy bone structure can lead to biting problems like problems chewing and speaking. This type of bite problem is typically very painful.

Braces for adults can improve a person's appearance

If addressing health problems was not reason enough to get braces, adults can also feel confident in the improvements that will be made to their appearance. Braces for adults can do the following:

  • Close gaps in between teeth
  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Create a more symmetrical smile

Braces for adults can be discreet

Adults who wish to experience these benefits but do not want metal braces should visit our office. We have several discreet options that are just as effective.
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To learn more about receiving braces treatment for any of these issues, including bite problems, visit our office. We can help you gain back your confidence and achieve a gorgeous smile with a healthy bite. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about corrective braces.

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