Help From an Orthodontist for Choosing Between Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces

Posted on: July 15, 2021

Clear Aligners St Peters, MO

You might have been considering clear aligners or braces to straighten your teeth. However, you might not know which kind you should get. Whether you are an adult or a teen, you might have narrowed down your options to aligners and braces. Each of them can create a beautiful smile for you. But that does not mean that you will get the same results from each one. Keep reading to find out more about picking the right kind for you.

About traditional braces

Metal braces, also known as traditional braces, are the most common types of braces that patients will find. Traditional braces might also mean ceramic or clear braces since these work the same way. These use wires and brackets to change the patient’s bite and to straighten the teeth. The brackets are held on with dental cement.

Then an archwire connects the brackets and applies pressure to the right teeth. The constant pressure is what causes the teeth to move. Rubber bands might be used to help move both the teeth and the jaw to the right position. These are used to do the job faster.

Why choose traditional braces?

Often, the cost of metal braces is less than clear aligners. The cost will vary depending on the patient of course. The treatment time may also be a bit shorter. The braces are bonded to the teeth permanently. This means that the dentist does not need to worry about patient compliance in wearing the trays.

About clear aligners

The invisible trays will straighten the bite and teeth over time by applying pressure to some areas. But clear trays are made by using digital models of the teeth. That way, the system of trays will mold to the outer part of the teeth to move them around. These are not bonded to the teeth permanently and the patient can remove them for eating.

Why choose clear aligners?

One of the main advantages of invisible trays is appearance. This means it is hard for anyone to tell that the patient is wearing braces. This can help someone avoid the appearance of a metal mouth. Since these are removable, the patient can better brush and floss the teeth and reduce cavities.

That way, the patient can still eat sticky or hard foods. Plus, sometimes, clear aligners are more comfortable than braces. Unlike with braces, the patient does not need to worry about avoiding contact sports. The aligners can be removed for a vigorous game to avoid injuries.

Choose clear aligners today

Whether you choose braces or aligners, they can work well with the treatment plan. If you are interested in getting clear aligners, you should make an appointment today. After a consultation, you may find that the other method works better for you. That way, you can discuss the treatment plan that will be right for you. During the consultation, X-rays of your teeth are taken and molds are done.

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