How Braces Move the Alignment of Your Teeth

Posted on: May 15, 2020

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Even though there are plenty of options to choose from, a lot of orthodontists recommend braces to their patients who are trying to fix dental problems because they believe braces are still the most effective orthodontic devices for fixing dental flaws.

How braces move the alignment of your teeth

Dental braces are most often used by teenagers, but now that the size of the brackets being used is smaller, more adults are using braces to fix their dental flaws these days. The braces can be made from metal or ceramic.

The brackets are the small squares bonded to the surface of the front teeth, while wires are run through the brackets around the mouth. The wires guide the movement of the teeth and are usually made of metal. The braces move the alignment of teeth by exerting constant pressure on them for a long period of time. The shape of the jaw eventually adapts and adjusts to the pressure, moving the teeth as desired.

Most people think their teeth are connected directly to their jawbone, which will make them impossible to move. However, the bone that is attached to the jaw is surrounded by a membrane that controls the position of the teeth. The membrane also responds to the pressure applied to the teeth by the braces.

What are the different types of braces?

The different types of braces available include:

  • Metal braces: These are the traditional braces and the most commonly worn type of braces. They are very durable and effective.
  • Ceramic braces: These braces, also known as clear braces, are made from ceramic and are not as visible as metal braces.
  • Lingual braces: These are braces that are installed on the surface of the back teeth, making them almost impossible to notice.
  • Invisible braces: These are the clear aligners like Invisalign, which are used to correct dental problems discreetly thanks to the clear plastic material they are made from.

Does getting braces hurt?

The procedure in which the brackets and wires are fitted in the mouth is not painful. However, it can be an uncomfortable experience, especially for people who have never worn them before. Fortunately, the braces do not take too long to get used to.

How quickly do braces work?

The amount of time the braces stay in the mouth depends on the type of treatment being received. But, the average time people have to wear braces for is 12 to 24 months.

How often do you have to see the orthodontist when wearing braces?

Braces need to be tightened regularly to ensure that they are doing their job effectively, which is why orthodontists ask their patients to come in for a checkup at least once a month to make sure that the braces are gradually moving the teeth into the right position.


Braces can help fix numerous dental problems, which is why they are still popular today, despite all the available alternatives. If you want to fix your teeth and are thinking about using braces, schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to figure out if you require braces.

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