How Teeth Straightening Affects Confidence

Posted on: March 14, 2020

teeth straightening Florissant, MO

If you are considering teeth straightening, then you probably know about the physical benefits. Straightening can make it easier to clean your teeth and prevent cavities. But it can have further-reaching benefits as well. The American Association of Orthodontics states that more than four million Americans have braces. And 25% of those people are adults.

Psychological reasons to choose teeth straightening

Studies have shown that having straighter teeth can give a self-esteem boost. Crooked teeth can negatively affect an individual’s self-esteem. This is true for children, teens and adults. However, teens are often already self-conscious about looks.

Teens who have low self-esteem are more likely to have depression and mental health problems. When someone has crooked teeth, they are more likely to be embarrassed about the looks of their smile. People may smile awkwardly, cover the mouth or avoid speaking much. Each of these actions can negatively affect someone’s opinion about another person. The good news is that anyone of any age can choose teeth straightening. Improving a physical trait has several positive effects, according to research:

  • Attitude toward self
  • Self-esteem
  • Interpersonal interactions

Improving self-esteem

Invisalign conducted a recent study to learn how teeth straightening can impact a patient’s life. The study showed that straighter teeth can improve someone’s professional and personal life. In the study, about 70% of the patients responded that teeth straightening was enough to change their appearance. This meant that patients might not change anything else about their looks. However, teeth straightening still gave them more self-esteem.

About 60% of the respondents said that other people perceived them as feeling happier. Other people saw these respondents as being smarter, more attractive and more successful. People who smile more often are typically considered more attractive and happier. About 80% of the survey respondents said they could do something new. This meant that the patients could achieve a goal that they could not have otherwise done.

Self-esteem during treatment

Often, patients consider having braces a “rite of passage.” Today, orthodontic care has changed, allowing braces to be more comfortable than ever. Often, patients can choose braces in fun colors. Overall, braces are a smaller size than before, allowing treatments to be completed quickly.

Because braces create a beautiful smile, a child or adult may even look forward to treatment. Patients can see the improvements in teeth during treatment. An adult will feel that teeth straightening is worth the initial investment. The many options mean that adults do not need to feel self-conscious during the treatment.

Visit a dentist today

Braces can help improve orthodontic issues such as a poor bite, crooked teeth or gaps between the teeth. Getting braces can correct these issues and make your mouth healthier. But braces can also help you feel better about yourself. For teens, this extra self-esteem can help them fight any depression or mental illnesses. Visiting a dentist can help you choose the right type of braces to meet your orthodontic needs.

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