How to Take Care of Braces in St. Peters

Posted on: June 25, 2015

braces-in-st.-petersWhile wearing braces , it is important to take care of them and your teeth.  When wearing braces, your teeth are at an increased risk of becoming infected or getting cavities simply because it is more challenging to clean them.   This can be especially difficult for children that have a hard time keeping their teeth clean in general.  Whether you are getting braces for yourself or your child, taking care of them and your teeth is essential for ensuring that the treatment plan stays on track and that your teeth are healthy once done.  With that in mind, here is what you should know–

What you eat matters.

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, you should eat a diet that is healthy and will help to strengthen your teeth.  This includes eating lean protein like chicken and fish, dairy products like yogurt and cheese, and green leafy vegetables.  Nuts are also good for your teeth but need to be avoided while wearing braces.  Simultaneously, you should also avoid anything that is too crunchy like tortilla chips or carrots since they can dislodge your brackets or oral appliances.  Sticky and chewy candy are also important to avoid, and this includes taffy and sour chews.  Not only can stick candy tug on your wires but the sugar is also bad for your teeth and can increase your risk of getting cavities.

Oral hygiene.

You need to be sure to brush and floss your teeth after every meal.  This will take longer than it used to since you need to focus on cleaning the area around each individual bracket instead of brushing your teeth in quadrants like most people do.  Plan accordingly since brushing is critical to your oral health.  Next, use the flossing tool we provide you with or take your normal floss and thread it through the top of your wire before flossing like you used to.  We can also give you a tool to use on your actual brackets to ensure that they are not a gathering place for plaque.  This routine can take around ten minutes, but it will ensure that while wearing braces , your teeth remain healthy.

Be careful.

While wearing braces , you need to be careful not to damage your braces or your teeth since this will prolong your treatment time.  If you play sports, we recommend wearing a mouth guard since this is an effective way to prevent mouth injuries.  Simply slip the mouth guard over your teeth when you practice or play for a comfortable and secure fit.

Keep your appointments.

We will need to see you for regularly scheduled appointments to ensure that your treatment is progressing as it should and that your brackets, wires, and rubber bands are securely in place.  Keeping your scheduled appointments will allow us to ensure that everything is secure, to identify any potential issues and to keep your teeth healthy.


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