If You Are Planning Your Wedding, Visit Us for EZ Align in St Peters

Posted on: April 1, 2016

EZ Align in St PetersBy wearing EZ Align in St Peters, you can easily improve your smile. Your wedding day is incredibly special, something that will be remembered for a lifetime. How you look on this day will be documented in a million photos — both professional ones and those posted on Instagram. If the thought of all those pictures is causing you angst, perhaps it is time to visit the dentist.

By straightening your teeth, we can improve your smile and restore your confidence. Or, if you have never liked your smile, this could be a welcome change to years of hiding behind the camera. Regardless of what challenges you face — crooked teeth, gaps in between them, or a misaligned jaw — we can correct it using this convenient solution.

The Process

Our patients enjoy wearing EZ Align in St Peters because this is the most convenient way to straighten teeth. Instead of wearing traditional metal braces, you can use this discreet solution. The results are virtually the same, but the process is entirely different. With traditional braces, a metal bracket is bonded to each tooth and a wire threaded between them. The wires are held in place using rubber bands that can be any color. Through regular adjustments, your braces will move your teeth to their final straight position. The EZ Align system works differently. Instead of having something permanently bonded to your teeth, you simply wear a plastic aligner that is clear and looks similar to a full retainer. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can smile without anyone seeing anything other than your actual teeth. The aligners put pressure on your teeth in order to move them and are changed out every two weeks or so until your teeth are perfectly straight.

Why EZ Align in St Peters Is a Better Solution

With similar results, it really comes down to convenience. If you are planning a wedding, your schedule is going to be incredibly busy. It can take months to find the perfect dress, reception hall, catering company, etc., and that is before you start having parties and gatherings. Traditional braces demand regular orthodontic visits, something you are unlikely to have a great amount of time for. They are also inconvenient to eat with and take more time to clean. With EZ Align, you do not have any of these issues. The aligners are supposed to come out for you to eat, so you will never have to worry about food becoming stuck in between your teeth. You also remove them to brush and floss, so there is no extra time required there. Essentially, you can go about your life and focus on your wedding while your teeth are being straightened in the background.

Another reason that EZ Align is popular in St Peters is that your appearance will not be negatively altered while your teeth are being straightened. Since your teeth will remain the focal point, you can smile and take photos without feeling insecure about your smile.

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