Invisible Braces Are as Effective as Traditional Metal Braces

Posted on: February 15, 2018

Invisible BracesInvisible braces are just as effective of a treatment solution as traditional metal ones. There is a lot of confusion in regards to the effectiveness of various orthodontic methods. There is a common misconception that if something is clear or discrete, it will not work as well as the traditional obvious methods for straightening teeth. This is not true. Improvements in technology are to the point that keeping braces clear or invisible does not hinder the results in any way.

The process of straightening teeth using metal braces

With traditional metal braces, the professional will bond a bracket to the surface of each tooth and thread a wire between those brackets. Rubber bands hold the wires in place. Then, about once a month, patients will visit the orthodontist to adjust or replace the wires. These monthly visits ensure that teeth continue to move in the right direction according to the treatment plan.

Our type of clear braces involves the same approach. The only difference is how the braces appear. With clear ceramic braces, the professional uses a tooth-colored bracket and wire. Otherwise, the treatment process remains relatively the same. Many adults prefer this option because it allows them to straighten teeth more discreetly.

Clear aligners are seemingly invisible

The least noticeable way to straighten teeth is to use clear aligners. Clear aligners are plastic trays that completely surround the teeth. They are very similar looking to a clear plastic retainer. They are so clear that they are virtually invisible when clean. In fact, many patients report that people never know they are wearing orthodontics at all.

With this option, the treatment process is different. The aligners are created in a series at the beginning of the treatment. Worn for approximately two weeks, each aligner will move teeth slightly towards their final destination. Once the aligner begins to feel loose, it is necessary to switch it out for the next one in the series.

Following this set progression, teeth will continue to move in the right direction until they reach their final resting place. The process takes about the same amount of time as traditional or ceramic braces. However, people can switch the aligners out at home and only make a few orthodontic appointments throughout the process.

Invisible braces can even treat problems with the bite

If someone has an overbite, underbite or crossbite because their teeth are in the wrong position, it will be possible to correct their bite using invisible braces. Essentially, once teeth are in the right position, the jaw should come together in a more natural manner. If the actual jaw bone is the problem, alternative treatments like oral surgery may be necessary.

Invisible braces are affordable

While some may believe invisible braces are more pricey, the cost of clear braces and traditional braces are relatively the same. We are happy to discuss the options and price for them during a consultation.

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