Learn About the Benefits of Wearing EZ-Align® in St. Peters

Posted on: August 4, 2015

EZ Align in St. PetersWe provide EZ Align in St. Peters as an alternative to wearing traditional braces. If you are in a situation where your teeth are crooked and you do not like their appearance, do not feel as if you are stuck and forced to live with crooked teeth – you are not. Orthodontics has improved drastically over the years, and there are now more solutions than ever for improving your smile. Even traditional metal braces are better, smaller, and more effective than they used to be. Still, for convenience and aesthetics, there is no better solution than EZ-Align®. Like the name suggests, this is truly an easy way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to call our office and schedule an examination. EZ-Align® can address most issues, including straightening teeth, closing gaps in between teeth, and aligning the jaw. There are some challenges that may need to be corrected with other solutions like oral surgery. After conducting a physical examination and taking X-rays, we can let you know what to expect and whether or not this is the right solution for your particular needs.

How EZ Align in St. Peters Works

After we have examined you and determined that clear aligners are the best way to straighten your teeth, we will make an impression of them and take measurements. We will also take photographs, and all of this information will be plugged into a software program for us to make notes and specifications regarding your treatment. All of this information is then sent to the dental lab for your clear aligners to be created. They are meant to be worn for a couple of weeks at a time, with each aligner moving your teeth that much closer to the final position. This is why it is critical that they be designed correctly from the very beginning. Each aligner has an important role to play, and you cannot skip wearing any of them. Instead, they must be worn in the correct order and then set aside or discarded when you are done. As a result, each aligner will put pressure on specific teeth to move them gently, just as metal brackets and wires would.

Your aligners are meant to be worn for around 22 hours a day. This leaves enough time for you to eat meals and to brush and floss your teeth. Since they are designed to come out, you can continue with your normal routine, not having to worry about being embarrassed by how you look while eating and not needing to spend thirty minutes trying to floss your teeth. Instead, just be sure to practice good oral hygiene by keeping your teeth and aligners clean. You will also want to keep up with regular dental exams and teeth cleanings so that your risk of developing cavities during the treatment is reduced. We will also keep an eye on how your teeth are moving to determine if any adjustments need to be made. Otherwise, simply wear your aligners for the full amount of time, and before you know it – you will have beautifully straight teeth.

Call our office to find out if EZ Align in St. Peters is the right solution for you straightening needs.