What Life’s Like with Clear Aligners

Posted on: January 3, 2017

Clear AlignersNostalgia can be a wonderful tool for individuals to reminisce about childhood and for some, a simpler time in the individual’s life. One aspect of childhood that no one wants to look back on is the period in which they had to wear braces. With large pieces of metal on the teeth, food in the brackets, no parent wishes the same on anyone. Younger generations of teens dread the idea after hearing the stories from parents. Fortunately, teens and adults can wear clear aligners, the metal-free, and removable alternative.

Life with clear aligners

When straightening one’s teeth with clear aligners, the individual is in control of the entire treatment process. Clear aligners are a huge improvement over wearing fixed braces and offer significant benefits. Patients can remove clear aligners on their own, whenever they need to. While patients need to wear them for at least 20 hours per day, they can remove them for eating, brushing teeth, sports games, pictures or for an important date. It is important for the patient to wear them for 20 hours a day in order for the treatment to work and stay on track.

Since patients can take the aligners out during a meal, they do not have to worry about what they so long as they clean their teeth before placing the aligners back in. Instead of having a long list of foods that can become stuck or lodged in the braces, patients are free to eat what they want. Although, one will still want to be careful to eat a healthy diet to ensure that the teeth remain strong and free from decay.

Easier to clean than other options

Keeping the teeth clean and healthy is also much easier when wearing clear aligners. Since nothing is permanently fixed to the teeth, people can brush and floss without the use of special equipment. No additional tools are necessary and one only needs the toothbrush and floss he or she uses on a regular basis. Going on vacation also becomes easier with the individual not needing to bring extra items for proper dental care. Clear aligners also reduce the risk of strange stains on the teeth after the treatment process. Some patients who wear traditional braces find that their teeth are yellowed around the brackets, creating odd shading patterns. Clear aligners allow for patients to avoid these issues.

Life with clear aligners is incredibly easy from a daily perspective and also from a treatment one. You need to visit our orthodontist office less frequently than you would with normal braces because you will have the series of aligners at home. When one becomes loose (typically after two weeks) you can simply replace it with the next one in the series. We need to examine your teeth and make sure they are moving as they should but these appointments are typically fast and easy. If you are interested in clear aligners, then give us a call today.

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