Multiple Phase Orthodontics

Posted on: May 1, 2021

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Multiple-phase orthodontics has advanced the way orthodontists operate, making it easier to treat patients more effectively and at a younger age. Unfortunately, all too many are still unfamiliar with what the treatment includes. By gaining a complete understanding of what the process involves, you can determine if pursuing this treatment is beneficial for you.

An overview of multiple-phase orthodontics

Multiple-phase orthodontics is a great way for younger patients to ensure a more attractive smile that will last a lifetime. The following is a complete overview of multiple-phase orthodontics, including what it is exactly, the treatment options utilized in each stage and when to consider treatment.

What is multiple-phase orthodontics?

Multiple-phase orthodontics involves several steps to ensure a more attractive and healthier smile for patients. The process is most commonly broken down into two separate steps. The first step involves moving the jaw into a well-aligned position to allow for the proper growth of permanent teeth. The first stage typically starts at a young age. The second step is to straighten the teeth and improve facial appearance, which takes place after permanent teeth come through.

Phase one orthodontic treatment

Phase one orthodontic treatment usually happens at a very young age, and the main goal is to achieve a better jaw alignment. There are several treatment options an orthodontist may utilize to accomplish this while the patient still has the baby teeth, including expanders to fix bite complications. The goal is to create plenty of space for permanent teeth to come through in an appropriate position, limiting the need for extensive teeth straightening of permanent teeth.

Phase two orthodontic treatment

Phase two orthodontic treatment is what most people are more familiar with, and it involves teeth straightening if necessary and other common forms of orthodontic treatments. Phase two can begin after the 12-year molars come through around the age of 10 to 12 years old. The main intention in the second phase is to establish teeth and jaw alignment that is exactly how it should be, reducing the time the child or young teenager spends with any form of bite complications or teeth misalignment. Of course, each patient is different, and the exact types of treatment involved in the second phase might be as simple as six months of clear aligners treatment or as much as two years of traditional braces.

When to consider multiple-phase orthodontics

Any parent who is concerned about their child’s permanent teeth might not grow in straight should consider how multiple-phase orthodontics can benefit them. Most orthodontists offer a free consultation. So, patients can easily schedule a time to meet with an orthodontist to learn more about multiple-phase orthodontics.

Talk to an orthodontist about multiple-phase orthodontic treatment

Orthodontists work with children and their parents and guide them through every step of multiple-phase orthodontic treatment, from the initial consultation to ensuring teeth remain straight well into their adult years after treatment is complete. If you are interested in finding out how multiple-phase orthodontics can help your child, consult with your orthodontist today.

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