Myth vs. Truth About Aligners and How They Straighten Teeth

Posted on: October 3, 2016

AlignersWhen it comes to aligners, there are few technologies that can straighten the teeth as effectively as aligners in conjunction with an excellent dentist and a plan. The most important thing you can have in correcting malocclusion is a plan, a time line, and the right orthodontist to properly prescribe your aligners for the results you want. Most people who start using aligners are under the impression that they only serve a cosmetic interest. This false stereotype leads to many people believing that to use aligners in lieu of braces means that you harbor greater concern about your look than you are about the functional elements of straightening your teeth.

In reality, nothing is farther from the truth. If you are actually looking at a plan to straighten your teeth and get all the benefits of a better bite then come speak with us about aligners and how they can help you. As with any revolutionary change in technology, there are abounding rumors and misinformation surrounding the capabilities of aligners. If you want the most current information about aligners and how they can help you, then schedule an appointment to speak with us. We can examine you and give the best options for straightening your teeth.

Myth: Aligners do not work.

Truth: They are extremely effective.

One of the most popular misconceptions about aligners is that they are not as effective as traditional metal braces when it comes to straightening the teeth. Not only are aligners as effective as braces, they also have a discreet appearance and are more difficult for people to notice.

Some people may reach the conclusion that unless treatment is uncomfortable, it cannot be working. The reality is that aligners work just as well as metal braces because they work along exactly the same principle. Aligners and braces work by applying steady pressure to the teeth to force so them out of their misaligned position and into a much straighter alignment. The straightening process takes time, both with aligners and braces.

Myth: Aligners take longer.

Truth: Aligners can take around the same amount of time.

The second misconception is that aligners take more time to straighten teeth than braces. Again this myth, which has been perpetuated by unfounded third-party stories, fails to understand that braces and aligners work the same way. As a result, both take around the same amount of time to straighten teeth. The amount of time that goes into your treatment, whether with aligners or with braces, also depends largely on the amount of malocclusion we are treating and other factors.

Another similarity between aligners and braces is that when you are done with both treatments you are going to need a retainer at the end of the treatment. These retainers are often similar to the aligners, and work to ensure that your teeth do not slip back out of the correct alignment and become misaligned once more.

If you have questions or want to know the answers about aligners, you should schedule an appointment and get all of your questions answered by a professional. Call us today.

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