Night Guards and How they Can Help You

Posted on: September 2, 2017

Night GuardFew people think about wearing night guards. After all, it may be difficult to find someone who is going to discuss a guard that they wear at night and how it has benefited them. Typically, these are the type of things people keep private. However, it is exactly the right thing to discuss with an orthodontist. A night guard can significantly improve your oral health.

How can a guard help me?

There are multiple types of guards. Some guards prevent the teeth from touching, others are meant to hold teeth in place, while some keep the jaw in the correct position while sleeping. All three can be beneficial to oral health. The type we choose for each patient will depend on the patient’s needs.

Many people who wear night guards do so because they are experiencing severe face, neck, jaw and teeth pain. All of these combined or even one area of discomfort can be bad enough to make it difficult to eat or speak. Apart from being incredibly distracting, this level of discomfort can seriously impact a person’s quality of life.

Avoid the pain

This type of pain and discomfort is a result of the teeth grinding or clenching at night. There is no way to stop the body from doing this during sleep and so the best thing to do is to prevent the teeth from touching. With a guard in place, the upper and lower teeth cannot make contact. Therefore, the teeth cannot clench or grind.

The pressure on the jaw through these motions will disappear.  With the jaw and face able to relax at night, most people report that they wake up free from headaches and soreness in their face and jaw.

Those who have a tongue thrust may find that night guard helps to prevent soreness with their teeth. If too much pressure is placed on the teeth during the night by the tongue thrusting and forcing them forward, teeth can move and be sore in general. A guard can help to protect them from this pressure.

What is a night guard like?

Guards are similar to wearing a full retainer after braces. They are simple to place in the mouth, comfortable and stop being noticeable after awhile. Few people report having any problems falling asleep with them in. Since they are designed to fit each patient’s mouth specifically, they will not become loose or fall out of place during sleep.

To create a guard, we will take measurements and make an impression of a patient’s mouth. The impression ensures that the guard will fit snugly and securely. It takes a couple weeks to complete this process. Once the guard is ready, the patient will wear it every night for maximum benefits.

Visit an orthodontist

Have your custom night guard created by visiting our orthodontist office. We can create a guard that will help improve your health and your daily comfort. Learn more by calling today.

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