Orthodontic Evaluation for Adults

Posted on: June 1, 2021

Orthodontic Florissant, MO

Orthodontic care is not only for children and teenagers. You can benefit from this treatment if you have issues with your teeth or jaw. The process for correcting bite problems and misaligned teeth is similar for older patients as it is for younger people. It all starts with an initial evaluation and assessment where the orthodontist determines what solutions will be most effective. This critical visit will start you on the right path to achieving the smile you want.

Never too old

While many orthodontic patients are school-age children and adolescents, there is no age limit to get braces or another orthodontic help. Oral health professionals recommend that children start seeing an orthodontist at age 7. People who miss out on this opportunity earlier in life do not need to think it is too late. There are effective solutions for adults, as well.

Possible intervention

Wearing braces as an adult might not seem like the ideal situation. Fortunately, there are other options that an orthodontist can suggest to correct an underbite, overbite, crossbite or crooked teeth. Traditional metal braces can do an excellent job, but these can also be uncomfortable and are easily noticeable. For a more discreet solution, the orthodontist may suggest Invisalign. These removable trays are clear, and it is hard for other people to notice when patients wear them.

The orthodontic visit

A person’s teeth could be misaligned or the patient’s bite could have clear dysfunctions. Still, the orthodontist should evaluate the condition and the extent of the problems. At the first visit, the orthodontist will test the person’s bite. This will confirm what type of dysfunction exists and what strategies will address it.


Dental patients are used to getting X-rays at wellness checkups. These pictures can show issues such as infection and decay in a tooth. At the orthodontist’s office, the staff will take a panoramic shot of the mouth. This will reveal if there are missing teeth or if permanent teeth have yet to emerge.

Getting impressions

The orthodontist will then have the patient bite into a material that will harden and make an impression of the mouth. The orthodontist will study the mold to assess which teeth are moving and which ones should get the most attention at first. This process should only take a few minutes. The impressions allow the orthodontist to detect the seriousness of the bite problems as well.

Time to talk

The orthodontist will never start a treatment unless the patient feels comfortable with it. The first visit and evaluation will help the orthodontist and staff to come up with an appropriate plan for treatment. The orthodontist will talk to the person about what methods will be most effective and how long the intervention will take. There will be monthly follow-up appointments or more frequent contact if necessary.

Change your mouth forever

You can say goodbye to crooked teeth and troublesome jaw conditions. Call your orthodontist today and schedule a consultation and evaluation. No matter how complex your issues may seem, there are methods and tactics to help. You can soon have the teeth and smile you have always wanted.

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