Orthodontic Evaluation for Underbite, Overbite and Crossbite

Posted on: October 12, 2020

Orthodontics St Peters, MO

If you have concerns with your bite, orthodontics treatment can help. Your orthodontist has the training and knowledge to address a variety of dental problems. These issues can affect your smile and speech and could result in injury and more serious problems. Whether you have an underbite, overbite or crossbite, your orthodontist can use effective methods to correct the conditions. The length and nature of the procedures and care will vary depending on the issue and its severity.

The orthodontist’s role

An orthodontist focuses on bite abnormalities. This professional can treat patients of any age and will diagnose and treat other facial and dental conditions. The orthodontist can also help a person achieve the smile they want by straightening teeth. The dental professional not only provides the option of fitting a patient with braces but can also use other tactics to fix misaligned teeth and other jaw problems.


This is a common condition among children and adults. It occurs when a person’s low jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw. When a person has this issue, the teeth on the lower row are in front of the upper row. It occurs due to many factors such as genetics, chewing or sucking on objects, grinding teeth or overcrowding of teeth.


Orthodontic often address this condition as well. It is the opposite of an underbite and occurs when a person’s top front teeth extend too far and are in front of the lower teeth. When a person has this issue, they may accidentally bite into the roof of the mouth, causing pain or injury. There is also a lot of wear on some of the bottom teeth with an overbite.


When a patient’s top row of teeth fit inside the bottom row of teeth, a crossbite condition exists. A crossbite often causes significant jaw dysfunctions and can inhibit jaw development and growth. Opening and closing the mouth is a difficult activity for people with this condition. It can also cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

Orthodontic exam

Patients with any of these conditions should visit with an orthodontist as soon as possible. Dental professionals recommend that children as young as age 7 make an appointment. The orthodontist will examine the patient’s mouth, teeth and jaw. Next, the orthodontist will make an impression and take X-rays. From these evaluations, the professional can recommend treatment and devise the right plan to correct the issues.

Possible solutions

There are many options to treat these conditions. The orthodontist will choose a strategy that makes the most sense based on the severity of the problem. Typical treatments include braces, elastics and a headgear. Surgery may even be an option.

Enjoy smiling again

No matter how old you are, there is no reason to despair if you have biting problems or other jaw conditions. Your orthodontist is equipped to handle even the most serious cases. You can once again have straight teeth, an aligned jaw and a gorgeous smile. Make an appointment with your orthodontist today and start on the pathway to a healthy mouth.

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