Why an Orthodontic Treatment is Safe

Posted on: December 16, 2017

OrthodonticsWe can provide you with an orthodontic treatment in our office that is going to straighten your teeth, align your jaw and improve the appearance of your smile. We complete these treatments on a daily basis and do so with fantastic results. Still, one of the questions very commonly asked is regarding the safety of orthodontics in general. It is common for patients to wonder how safe the treatments are and if it is possible to suffer dental damage because of them. If you have similar concerns we recommend visiting our office to discuss the process in general or to continue reading and learn more about why and how orthodontics are safe.

Visiting an orthodontist is visiting a dental specialist

For a dentist to practice, they need to attend years of dental school and also to have clinical experience under the supervision of another dentist. For someone to become an orthodontist, further steps are required. It is necessary to have years of additional training and further clinical experience that is specifically related to orthodontics. This is because orthodontics is a true dental specialty. Similar to how a surgeon would need to receive additional training in clinical experience after medical school, an orthodontist is someone that has continued on with their education and is truly an expert when it comes to moving teeth. This makes it important to visit an orthodontist when wishing to straighten teeth, rather than seeking treatment from a general dentist.

Extensive training and experience yields the best results

How safe a treatment is going to be is based on the knowledge and expertise of the provider delivering it. Given the extensive experience of an orthodontist, receiving an orthodontic treatment in our office is entirely safe.

It is important to move teeth slowly and methodically

Very often, patients will say that they want to complete their orthodontic treatment quickly. There are certain things that can be done to expedite the process, such as attending all scheduled orthodontic appointments. However, it is important to move teeth slowly and methodically in order to ensure that there is no damage to the teeth or roots. Trying to expedite the process could create problems if too much emphasis is placed on timing and not enough emphasis is placed on safety. As a trained orthodontist, we understand this fine line and are able to achieve both. Our patients’ teeth are moved safely and efficiently in order to make the process go as fast as possible allowing for any complications because of it.

Oral hygiene matters

One important aspect of safety during orthodontic treatment is oral hygiene. The hygiene routine a patient has at home is going to directly impact the orthodontic treatment. This is because if someone does not brush and floss like they should, it will be more likely that they will develop dental decay or an infection. This is problematic because oral health problems need to be addressed immediately and to do so, it may be necessary to temporarily remove braces and then replace them. This leads to treatment delays and unnecessary discomfort. In order to prevent this, we work closely with patients by providing them information on how to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home.

Learn more about an orthodontic treatment

If you are interested in straightening your teeth and improving your smile, now is an excellent time to do so. When under the care of a licensed orthodontist, these treatments are safe, effective and make a significant impact on a person’s appearance and oral health. To ask more questions or to learn more about the process, call us today.

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