Palate Expanders and Cosmetic Orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics

Posted on: February 24, 2016

Cosmetic Orthodontics at KlingWe provide cosmetic orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics for patients who are tired of how their teeth or smile look, and are interested in a makeover. Not all makeovers involve skin care. In fact, one of the most impactful things you can do for your appearance is to improve your smile. By straightening teeth and aligning your jaw, you can drastically change how you look. If you are unsure, visit our office and look at some of the before-and-after pictures. You will be amazed at the transformations.

One of the ways we transform a smile in children is by using a palate expander to make more room for existing teeth. When most people think of orthodontics, they only think about what can be seen, like braces. With brackets and wires bonded to the surface of the teeth, it is no wonder that braces stick in people’s memory. However, there is far more to orthodontics than what meets the eye. In order to move teeth into the correct position, there has to be room for them. There needs to be somewhere for them to go. If your palate is too small and there is not enough room for teeth to grow in straight, we will need to take steps to create that space. This is done by either pulling teeth or using an orthodontic solution like a palate expander.

If opting to expand the palate, we will secure an expander to the upper jaw. This is a much shorter appointment than when a patient comes in for braces. Once secure, you will need to turn a small key once or several times a day. Since a child’s jaw is still in two halves, we can use the expander to gently separate and stabilize them. This will create more space for your child’s teeth.  It may feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but the movements are so gradual, they do not cause any significant amounts of pain. How long they will need to wear it depends on the amount of expanding your palate needs to do, but several months is usually the least amount of time. Since we provide cosmetic orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics, we are always interested in ways to improve our patients’ smiles discreetly. That is another advantage of a palate expander. You cannot tell that anyone is wearing it. The expander remains entirely hidden.

While the jaw is widening, you will actually see an improvement to their smile. This is because more room will be created for their teeth. They will naturally begin to shift as a result. If one tooth has grown in on top of another, this can create the room for one of the teeth to begin shifting into the right position. While they will still need braces or Invisalign® afterward, much of the treatment process will actually be completed during this phase. A benefit to your child is that the stage where they need to wear noticeable braces or clear aligners is shorter than it would be otherwise.

To learn more about cosmetic orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics, expanders, braces, or aligners, call and schedule a consultation with our office.

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