Preparing to Visit a Kids Orthodontist

Posted on: September 1, 2016

Kids OrthodontistAs a kids orthodontist, we are here to help improve the way your child’s teeth look and improve your child’s oral health. Orthodontic care is not just for appearance. While few people are aware of this, one is less likely to experience unnecessary cavities and infection with straight teeth. Teeth are easier to clean when they are straight. Another benefit of straight teeth is that pressure is distributed equally. If you are ready to find out how braces orthodontics can help your child specifically, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

We typically begin working with children as early as 7 years of age to ensure a life of healthy teeth. On your child’s first appointment, we will conduct an examination and may also take X-rays. We will then discuss the options that are available, depending on your child’s age. For example, a seven or eight-year-old is unlikely to be ready for actual braces. They may, however, be a good candidate for solutions that can work to create more room in their mouth. Since overcrowding is a common condition among children, wearing things like spacers early in life can actually help to prepare them for getting braces later on.

Prepare Your Child to Visit a Kids Orthodontist

Since the process of getting orthodontics can be more than slightly intimidating, it is important to prepare your child to visit our office. Children tend to feel out of control more quickly, given how young they are and their inability to comprehend what is being done. For this reason, it is critical that you take the time to discuss the idea of braces and the reason they are necessary with your child. While your discussion will not necessarily be scientific, that is exactly what we want.

Be sure to explain the braces process to your child in simple and relatable terms that he or she can understand. Go over the benefits of visiting an orthodontist and why you think it is important for their future. For example, if your child plays sports, you can let them know that having crooked teeth increases the chance of dental damage while playing a sport.

Also, you can explain to your child that his or her appearance will improve. We take every precaution to ensure a painless procedure for your child. During the conversation about braces with your child, it may be more beneficial to not mention pain. Bringing up the notion of pain may cause your child to become more afraid. A conversation can help your child to buy in so they are excited for the treatment and willing to participate.

Schedule an Appointment with a Kids Orthodontist

Helping your child by straightening their teeth is as easy as calling our office and scheduling a consultation. As a kids orthodontist, we treat a lot of children and know how to do so while helping them to remain comfortable and relaxed.

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