Problems We Can Correct Using Clear Braces in St Peters

Posted on: November 2, 2015

Clear BracesAs a provider of clear braces in St. Peters, we are regularly asked by patients what types of problems we can correct.  Many people are under the misconception that since they are clear, they cannot accomplish as much as bulky braces.  While it is true that certain bite issues will respond best to a traditional treatment, most aesthetic and placement issues can be corrected using clear braces.  To find out if you qualify for this treatment and if it will accomplish your smile goals, call and schedule a consultation and examination.  We will conduct a physical exam, see how your bite comes together and take x-rays.  We will then discuss what you are trying to accomplish, your lifestyle and any concerns that you may have.  This will allow us to create a customized treatment plan for your needs.  More often than not, clear braces will provide the results that you are looking for.

We use clear braces in St. Peters to do the following:

Close gaps in between teeth.  You do not need to live with unsightly gaps between your teeth when clear braces will do the trick to close them.  Many people feel self-conscious about the gaps between their teeth but are worried that wearing braces will also make them feel insecure.  You do not need to have this concern when treating your teeth using clear braces.  They are incredibly discreet and can be used to close gaps without anyone noticing that you are doing so.
Address overcrowding.  If you have overcrowding issues, we can help; and we will typically combine clear braces with a secondary solution like wearing an expander or spacers.  In rare cases, you may need to have one or two teeth pulled in order to make enough room for all of them.
Straighten teeth.  Clear braces can move the position of your teeth so that they become perfectly straight.  This is done by applying pressure to your teeth in specific spots.  As they gradually move into position, your smile will start to look better through the clear braces.
Correct bite issues.  When straightening teeth we must consider how your bite comes together in addition to where your teeth are located.  We can correct any bite issues that you have using aligners as long as the bite problem is caused by the position of your teeth.  For example, if your lower teeth are pushed outwards at an angle, then straightening them will also improve your bite.  If, however, your jawbone is in the wrong position and needs to be massively adjusted, you may require oral surgery as part of your orthodontic treatment. This would be true regardless of whether you are wearing clear braces or traditional ones.
There are very few orthodontic issues that cannot be solved using clear braces.  We can efficiently move your teeth into the correct position and help you to love your smile.  To learn more about clear braces in St. Peters or to begin your treatment process, call and schedule a consultation with our dental office.

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