Pros and Cons of Different Braces, from an Orthodontist Near St. Peters

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Patients regularly visit an orthodontist near St. Peters to learn more about various orthodontic solutions and to find out which one may work for them. There has been a lot of advancement in orthodontic technology, therefore, there are significantly more options available for patients. That is the good news.

Still, this requires being thoughtful when determining which solution to implement. We take the approach that there is no single solution that everyone should try but instead pay close attention to what our patients' goals and desires are, along with their lifestyle, when making a final recommendation. We encourage visiting our office so that we can do so and, in the meantime, here are some of the pros and cons of each type of solution you may be considering.

Clear aligners

We typically only recommended this solution for adults or older teens because it does require a greater level of responsibility on a daily basis. Here are some pros and cons of this solution.


1. Clear aligners are practically invisible and the most discreet way someone can straighten their teeth.

2. They are designed to come out when eating so there are no restrictions when it comes to diet.

3. Since they are removable, patients have control over when they do or do not wear them.

4. There are fewer orthodontic appointments required with this solution because the aligners can be switched out at home instead of in our office.


1. If the patient does not remember to wear them, teeth will not be straightened as planned.

2. They can easily be lost and often are when patients do not remember to keep them in the appropriate case.

3. They may not be ideal for solving serious bite problems.

Clear ceramic braces

This is a good solution for people who are looking for a discreet way to straighten teeth but want something fixed to the teeth instead of removable.


1. The brackets consist of ceramic tooth-colored material so they blend in with the tooth structure.

2. The wires and rubber bands are clear so they also blend in, making it difficult to see the orthodontics.

3. They can straighten teeth and help to align the bite.


1. Since the brackets and wires are tooth-colored they can easily become stained through daily activities like drinking coffee.

2. Patients need to visit the orthodontic office regularly to have the wires adjusted or replaced.

Traditional metal braces

This is still the solution we recommend most frequently for youth.


1. They are incredibly durable and provide a better fit for young people.

2. They do not stain and people will swith the rubber bands out regularly to keep the appearance looking fresh.

3. They can work in conjunction with other orthodontic solutions that align the bite.


1. The metal brackets stand out and are not discrete, making it obvious that a person is using orthodontics.

2. The wires need to be adjusted or switched on a regular basis, creating the need for routine orthodontic appointments.

There are similarities between the treatment options

These three solutions will straighten teeth in around the same period of time. Most patients will have orthodontics for one and a half years. The exact amount of time depends on how far the teeth need to move and whether the bite needs to be aligned.

All of these solutions will be effective for closing gaps between teeth and straighten them so the end result will be a beautiful smile. However, with any treatment option, there are nuances that make one more beneficial than another, depending on the concerns that a patient is struggling with. Therefore, to find out which option is best for you, schedule an appointment with our office to speak with an orthodontist near St. Peters.

Call us today

We look forward to speaking with you, answering your questions and providing more formation on these and other orthodontic solutions. To speak with an orthodontist in St. Peters, schedule your appointment now.

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